Colorless Energy Cards – Info & Images


What are Colorless Energy Cards?

Basic Colorless Energy Cards do not exist. Rather, there are nine different Basic Energy Cards that are used in the Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG) and any one of those can be used where a Colorless Energy card is required. 

Normal, Flying and Dragon type Pokémon do not have designated Energy Cards. Moves and attacks for these Pokémon will require a number of Colorless Energy.

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While there are no physical Basic Colorless Energy cards, Special Energy cards that feature Colorless Energy have been produced. Double Colorless Energy has been produced the most often and has featured in 13 different expansion sets to date. The card below is the Double Colorless Energy card produced for the Champion’s Path set in 2020.

69/73 Double Colorless Energy


Colorless Energy corresponds to Normal, Flying and Dragon type Pokémon, but is also often required by other Pokémon types in addition to specialised Basic Energy. Where Colorless Energy is required it will be indicated by the Colorless Energy symbol:

Colorless Energy Symbol


Lickilicky is a Normal type Pokémon and this is indicated by the Normal type symbol at the top right of the card next to the HP.  

125/162 Lickilicky

The Lickilicky card from the Temporal Forces set has two moves. The Body Slam move requires two Colorless Energy, while Tonguenado requires four Colorless Energy. The retreat cost for this card is also four Colorless Energy. 




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