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Dracovish Pokédex Information

Dracovish is a Water / Dragon type Pokémon that first appeared in the games Pokémon Sword and Shield which released Worldwide on November 15, 2019. It does not evolve.

Dracovish is a two-legged extinct Pokémon that appears to have the body of a dinosaur and the head of a fish. Its body and legs are green with red markings, while its underbelly is pink with fin-like protrusions on either side. Its legs are muscular and each foot has three sharp claws. Its head contrasts sharply with its body and is pale blue with brown markings. It angles back from its neck forming a point above its upper back. It has a wide, toothless mouth with two sharp protrusions at the top and bottom. Powerful legs and jaws made it the apex predator of its time. Its own overhunting of its prey was what drove it to extinction.



Dracovish Pokédex Facts
Dracovish Pokédex Entries
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Dracovish Pokédex Facts

Dracovish Pokédex

English Name – Dracovish
Japanese Name – Uonoragon
First Appearance – 2020 (Pokémon Sword and Shield)
Generation – VIII
Based on – Dinosaur / Fish
Pokédex Number – 0882
Category – Fossil
Height – 2.3 m
Weight – 215.0 kg
Gender – Unknown
Type – Water, Dragon
Weakness – Dragon, Fairy
Special Ability – Strong Jaw, Water Absorb


Dracovish Evolutions

EvolutionDracovish does not evolve


Dracovish Pokédex Entries / Games

Pokémon Sword and Shield 2019


Dracovish Card List – (scroll to bottom for gallery view)

SWSH Darkness Ablaze 2020
053/189 DracovishStage – Basic
HP – 150
Speciality – None
Card Number – 053/189

SWSH Shining Fates 2021
SV036/SV122 DracovishStage – Basic
HP – 150
Speciality – None
Card Number – SV036/SV122

SWSH Brilliant Stars 2022
114/172 Dracovish VStage – Basic
HP – 220
Speciality – V
Card Number – 114/172


053/189 Dracovish
SV036/SV122 Dracovish
114/172 Dracovish V
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