Pokémon Brilliant Stars Card List


Brilliant Stars SWSH09

The Brilliant Stars expansion set is scheduled for launch on 25th February 2022. The set is the 9th expansion in the Sword and Shield Series. The Set will include 20 Pokémon V and 15 full-art Pokémon V
3 Pokémon VMAX, 22 Trainer Cards, 6 Full art Supporter cards, 1 special energy card and – 4 new Pokémon VSTAR cards 

The set will contain 172 cards before secret rares

Cards will be numbered ?/172 and marked with the set symbol
Brilliant Stars Symbol

PLEASE NOTE: The Brilliant Stars card list below is based on what is known so far. It is subject to change at any point prior to the official card list being released.


Brilliant Stars Card List


Full Art Cards
018/172   Charizard VSTAR  ★H
123/172   Arceus VSTAR  ★H
Mimikyu VMAX
Aggron VMAX
Kingler VMAX

Half Art Cards
017/172   Charizard V  ★H
122/172   Arceus V  ★H
Simisear V  ★H

Rare Cards
021/172   Moltres  ★

Uncommon Cards
134/172   Cheren’s Care  ◆
143/172   Kindler  ◆
144/172   Magma Basin  ◆
151/172   Double Turbo Energy  ◆
Hunter’s Gloves  ◆
Marnie’s Pride  ◆
Purification Gloves  ◆