First Chilling Reign Promo Cards Released


The first Chilling Reign Promo cards have been released.

Chilling Reign Build and Battle box

Promo Cards are special cards that mark the release of new Pokémon products. They are highly collectable because they are not readily available in regular booster packs.

Promo cards are often sealed and this does increase the value of that card.

The Chilling Reign expansion set is due to be released on 18th June 2021.  It is a large set and will contain 198 regular cards plus secret rares.

A Build & Battle Box has been produced and will be available for pre-launch events from 5th June 2021.

Four new Chilling Reign Promo Cards will be available with this product:

SWSH112 – Cinderace
SWSH113 – Inteleon
SWSH114 – Cressalia 
SWSH115 – Passimian

Chilling Reign Promos
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