Gardevoir ex League Battle Deck Release Date, Info, Images


What is the Gardevoir ex League Battle Deck?

The Gardevoir ex League Battle Deck released on 19th April 2024, two weeks after the launch of the Temporal Forces expansion set. It has a recommended retail price of  £29.99 in the UK and $29.99 in the US. 


Gardevoir ex League Battle Deck

Battle Decks and Theme decks are produced with gamers in mind. They include a selection of cards that make up a ready-to-play themed deck. League Battle decks re released twice a year, generally in the Spring and Autumn. They are designated Play Level 3 meaning they are aimed at more experienced players.

Gardevoir is a popular Pokémon that has featured in the decks of international competition players. Gardevoir is a Psychic / Fairy type Pokémon that evolves from Kirlia and is the final evolution of Ralts.

The artwork for front of the box features a cut-out section that is bordered in purple, grey and black against a box background of purple and blue swirls. 

The box dimensions have not yet been released but similar products have measured 20 cm (8 inches) x 23 cm (9 inches) x 4.5 cm (2 inches).


What is in the Gardevoir ex League Battle Deck?

The contents of the box has been revealed and will contain:

A full, playable 60-card deck loaded with powerful cards
1 foil card featuring Gardevoir ex
1 foil card featuring Mew ex
1 foil cards featuring Lumineon V
1 Radiant Greninja card
1 deck box
I Accessory box
2 coin condition markers
6 damage-counter dice and 1 competition-legal coin-flip dice
1 Pokemon TCG rulebook
1 Quick Guide to unlock the strategies within
A code card for Pokemon TCG Live


Gardevoir ex Deck List

3 x Gardevoir ex
4 x Kirlia
4 x Ralts
3 x Drifloon
1 x Cresselia
1 x Lumineon V
1 x Mew ex
1 x Radiant Greninja

4 x Iono
3 x Professor’s Research (Sada)
2 x Arven
2 x Boss’s Orders (Ghetsis)
1 x Jacq
2 x Ratazon
4 x Nest Ball
4 x Ultra Ball
3 x Rare Candy
1 x Super Rod
3 x Bravery Charm

13 x Basic Psychic Energy


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