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Gimmighoul Pokédex Information

Gimmighoul first appeared in the games Pokémon Scarlet and Violet which released in November 2002. 

Gimmighoul is a small blue two-legged character that may be based on a ghost or a ghoul. It has two large yellow eyes that are ringed with black. This Pokémon was born inside a treasure chest about 1,500 years ago. It sucks the life-force out of scoundrels who try to steal the treasure.



Gimmighoul Pokédex Facts
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Gimmighoul Pokédex Facts

Gimmighoul Pokédex 
English Name – Gimmighoul
Japanese Name – Collecure
First Appearance – 2022 (Pokémon Scarlet and Violet)
Generation – IX
Pokédex Number – 0999
Based on – Ghoul / Ghost
Category – Coin Chest
Height – 0.3 m
Weight – 5 kg
Gender – Unknown
Type – Ghost
Weakness – Dark, Ghost
Special Ability – Rattled


Gimmighoul Evolutions

Evolution – Gimmighoul evolves to Gholdengo (Level up with 999 Gimmighoul coins)

Gimmighoul PokédexGimmighoul Evolution ArrowLevel up with 999 Gimmighoul coins Gholdengo EvolutionGholdengo


Gimmighoul Pokédex Entries / Games

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet  2022


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