Iron Valiant ex Box – Release Date, Images, Info


What is the Iron Valiant ex Box?

The Iron Valiant ex Box is one of two new Collection Boxes that released on 17th November 2023. This box features Iron Valiant a new Pokémon with the Future mechanic, while the other features Roaring Moon, a new Pokémon with the Ancient mechanic. It has an expected retail price of £22.99 in the UK and $21.99 in the US.


Iron Valiant ex Box

The Iron Valiant ex Box is scheduled for release two weeks after the launch of the Paradox Rift expansion set, the first expansion to feature the new Ancient and Future mechanics.

The released image of the box shows a return to the rectangular format of earlier ex boxes and the V boxes of the Sword and Shield series. The box dimensions have not been released but given that a Pokémon card is 6.3 cm wide we can assume the box is around 25cm by 20cm (10in by 8 in). 

The artwork for the box features a cut out window, outlined in pink and green, showing the contents of the box. This is surrounded by a grey background with a mesh pattern. Iron Valiant is featured in the top right hand corner.

The recommended retail price for the box is thought to be around £22.99 in the UK and $21.99 in the US.


What are the contents of the Iron Valiant ex Box?

The contents of the box have been revealed:

1 Iron Valiant ex 089/182
1 oversize Roaring Moon ex 089/182
1 Iron Moth 028/182
1 Trainer card featuring Future Booster Energy Capsule ???/182
4 Pokémon TCG booster packs
A code card for Pokémon TCG Live

089/182 Iron Valiant ex  


Is the Iron Valiant ex Box good value for money?

The box contains one jumbo and one regular sized Iron Valiant ex card from the Paradox Rift set, an Iron Moth rare card, a trainer item card and 4 Booster packs.

Individual booster packs generally retail for around £4 in the UK and $4 in the US. With the exception of the Jumbo card, the other cards are not new releases. The Iron Moth ex card is a double rare, half art, card and would likely cost around £2.50 / $2.50, while the jumbo version could fetch around £4 / $4. The Iron Moth card is a rare holo while the trainer card is an uncommon card, these are probably not worth more than £1 / $1 each. 

The Four Booster packs would therefore cost £16 ($16) adding the expected value of the four cards takes the total to around £24.00 or $24.00 which is £1 more than the expected retail price in the UK and $2 more than the expected retail price in the US. The box is therefore reasonable value for money.



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