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Kingambit Pokédex Information

Kingambit is a Dark / Steel type Pokémon that first appeared in the games Pokémon Scarlet and Violet which released in November 2022. It evolves from Bisharp and is the final evolution of Pawniard.

Kingambit is a two-legged Pokémon that resembles a Samurai Warrior but also implies the game of chess as its name is an opening move in the game. Its legs are reddish-brown and its two-toed feet are white. Its body is grey, yellow and reddish-brown and around its waist is a black sash that holds two curved blades that extend either side of its body. Its thin arms end in yellow missile-like objects. Two red and black coloured blades protrude from either side of its head while a larger, gold and silver, third blade extends upwards from its head. Only a Bisharp that stands above all others in its vast army can evolve into Kingambit.



Kingambit Pokédex Facts
Kingambit Pokédex Entries
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Kingambit Pokédex Facts

Kingambit Pokédex 
English Name – Kingambit
Japanese Name – Dodogezan
First Appearance – 2022 (Pokémon Scarlet and Violet)
Generation – IX
Pokédex Number – 0983
Based on – Samurai Warrior / Chess
Category – Big Blace
Height – 2.0 m
Weight – 120 kg
Gender – Male, Female
Primary Type – Dark
Secondary Type – Steel
Weakness – Fighting, Fire, Ground
Special Ability – Defiant, Supreme Overlord


Kingambit Evolutions

Evolution – Pawniard evolves to Bisharp (Level 52); evolves to Kingambit (Level Up after defeating 3 Bisharp that hold Leader’s Crest).

Pawniard PokédexPawniard Evolution ArrowLevel 52 Bisharp EvolutionBisharp
Evolution ArrowLevel Up having defeated 3 Bisharp holding Leader’s Crest Kingambit EvolutionKingambit


Kingambit Pokédex Entries / Games

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet  2022


Kingambit Card List – (scroll to bottom for gallery view)

Scarlet and Violet Base Set 2023
134/198 KingambitStage – 2
HP –  170
Speciality – None
Card Number – 134/198

220/198 KingambitStage – 2
HP –  170
Speciality – None
Card Number – 220/198

SV Obsidian Flames 2023
150/197 KingambitStage – 2
HP – 180
Speciality – None
Card Number – 150/197

SV Paldean Fates 2024
187/091 KingambitStage – 2
HP –  170
Speciality – None
Card Number – 187/091


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134/198 Kingambit
220/198 Kingambit
150/197 Kingambit
187/091 Kingambit
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