Normal Type Pokémon Explained – Info, Strengths, Weaknesses


What are Normal Type Pokémon?

Normal type Pokémon are one of the eighteen elemental types found in the world of Pokémon. All Pokémon are categorized into various types based on their characteristics and abilities. They can be a single type or two different types.


Normal type Pokémon are generally associated with the ordinary and normal and are often found at the beginning of a game. The first Normal Pokémon in the Pokédex is 0016 Pidgey which is a dual Normal / Flying type, while the first pure Normal type is 0019 Rattata. 

Rattata Normal Type Pokémon Explained

To date there are 133 Normal type Pokémon including Pure Normal types that are only Normal type, and Half Normal types whose Primary or Secondary type is Normal.

Complete Normal Pokémon List


What are Normal Type Pokémon Strengths and Weaknesses?

When in battle, all Pokémon types have strengths and weaknesses against other Pokémon types. 

Normal Type Strengths:

When attacking – Normal type Pokémon moves are not strong against any types. 

When being attacked – Normal type Pokémon have a resistance to attacks by Ghost type Pokémon.

Normal Type Weaknesses:

When attacking – Normal type Pokémon moves are weak against Ghost, Rock and Steel type Pokémon and will do very little damage.

When being attacked – Normal Pokémon are weak to Fighting type Pokémon.


Pokémon Trainers that specialise in Normal type Pokémon

Throughout the Pokémon game series, players encounter Pokémon Gym Leaders and Trainers that specialise in Normal Pokémon. 

Normal Type Elite Four

Larry – Paldea League (Scarlet and Violet)

Normal Gym Leaders

Cheren – Aspertia City Gym (Black 2, White 2)

Larry – Medali Gym (Scarlet, Violet)

Lenora – Nacrene City Gym (Black & White)

Norman – Petalburg City Gym (Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire)

Whitney – Goldenrod City Gym (Gold, Silver, Crystal, HeartGold, SoulSilver)

Trainer Classes

Artist Family – (X, Y)

Painter – (FireRed, LeafGreen)

Poké Kid – (Various Games)

Team Rainbow Rocket Grunt – (Ultra Sun, Ultra Moon)

Tuber – (Various Games)


Normal Type Pokémon in the TCG

While there are 18 different Pokémon types in the Pokédex and Video Game series, in the Trading Card Game (TCG) there are only 11 different Pokémon types. This means that in the TCG some categories contain more than one of the Game Pokémon types. 

Normal type Pokémon in the TCG are grouped with Flying type Pokémon in the Colorless Pokémon group. The trading cards for these Pokémon have the Colorless symbol in the top right hand corner next to the HP.

131/162 Delcatty

To use the Tail Trickery move, one Colorless Energy card is required. To use the Energy Blender move, three Colorless Energy cards are required. There are no dedicated Colorless Energy cards, rather, the player uses any type of Basic Energy card. 

At the bottom of the card is detailed information about that card’s weakness, resistance and retreat cost. 


In the TCG, Colorless types that are Normal types in the Pokémon Games are weak to Fighting type Pokémon. This is indicated on the Delcatty card above where attacks from this type do double damage.


Colorless types that are Normal types in the Games have no specific resistance.




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