Paldean Fates Tech Sticker Collections


What are the Paldean Fates Tech Sticker Collections?

The Pokémon Paldean Fates Tech Sticker Collections are a set of three new products scheduled to be released on 26th January 2024 as part of the Paldean Fates expansion set. Each box will feature either Fidough, Maschiff or Greavard. Each box has a recommended retail price of £15.99 in  the UK and $15.99 in Th the US.


Paldean Fates Tech Sticker Collections

The box dimensions have not yet been released but as a booster pack is 9.7 cm (3.8 in) in width the released images would indicate each box is about 38 cm (15 in) wide and approximately 30cm (12 in) tall.

The artwork for each box features the set’s diamond grid background with various motifs inside. The set logo i depicted in the top right-hand corner.


What is in thePaldean Fates Tech Sticker Collections?

The contents of the boxes has been released:

Each box will include:

A Promo card depicting the featured Pokémon
A large cut-out sticker of the featured Pokémon (designed to be stuck to laptops or other tech products)
3 Pokémon TCG: Paldean Fates booster packs


Are the Paldean Fates Tech Sticker Collections good value for money?

Each box contains 3 Paldean Fates Booster packs, a large sticker and a Promo Card. Individual booster packs generally retail for around £4 in the UK and $4 in the US while the Promo card may be worth around £4 / $4 and the sticker around £2 / $2.

Three Booster packs would therefore cost £12 ($12) with the other items may be costing a further £6 / $6 taking the total value to £18 / $18. If you are a fan of any of the featured characters, or if you are interested in owning the total contents of the box purchased, then these sets represent value for money. However, if you are only interest in part of the contents then it would probably be more economical to buy those items separately.



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