Pokémon Celebrations Collector Chest

What is a Pokémon Collector Chest?

Celebrations Collector Chest

A Pokémon Collector Chest is a sturdy lunch-box-style metal case containing a variety of Pokémon Trading Card game products.

The Celebrations Collector Chest will be released on 22nd October 2021 as part of the Pokémon 25th Anniversary special Celebrations expansion set release.

Pokémon Collector Chests generally measure 21 cm (8.2 inches) x 15.5 cm (6.1 inches) x 9 cm (3.5 inches) and it is expected that this product will have the same dimensions. It currently being advertised with a retail price of £24.99 ($34.70). 

The artwork on the outside of the chest features a background of what appear to be pencil sketches of early Pokémon characters on white, red and grey background, with the 25th Anniversary logo over the top.  

What is in the Celebrations Collector Chest?

The contents of the Celebrations Collector Chest have been released:

6 Celebrations Booster Packs (each will contain 4 holo cards)
2 Regular Booster Packs
3 Celebrations Promo Cards featuring Mimikyu (from Delta Species), Light Toxtricity and Hydregion C
4 Sheets of Pokémon stickers
1 Flip coin
A Mini card album
A Notepad
An Online code card

Celebrations Booster Packs

Value for Money?

The Celebrations Collector Chest will retail for around the £25 ($35) mark, but will include 6 special Celebrations booster packs as well as 2 regular packs.  Looking at value in terms of just booster packs this works out at about £3 ($4) per pack.

In comparison the Celebrations Elite Trainer Box will cost £50 ($70) and will contain 10 special Celebrations packs and 5 regular packs. In terms of booster packs this works out at just over £3 ($4) per pack.

The Special Celebrations Ultra Premium Collection Box will retail at £120 ($166) and will contain 17 Celebrations booster packs and 8 regular packs. This works out at £4.80 ($6.60) per pack.

The Celebrations Pikachu V-UNION box will contain 4 special Celebrations booster packs and 2 regular packs and will retail for £30 ($41). This works out to £5 ($7) per pack.

In terms of booster packs, it would seem that the Celebrations Collector Chest offers excellent value for money. However, all Celebrations products contain additional cards and accessories, many of which will be unique to that product making them highly collectible and possibly a very good investment.