Pokémon Generation IV Trainers Complete List


Pokémon Generation IV launched in Japan on 28th September 2006 and made its international debut in April 2007 with Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. Pokémon Platinum is also a Generation IV game and it was released in Japan in 2008 and internationally in 2009. The Pokémon Gold and Silver remake, HeartGold, SoulSilver was released in Japan in 2010 and Worldwide in 2011. Pokémon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum are set in the Generation IV Sinnoh region, while HeartGold, SoulSilver are set in the Johto and Kanto regions.

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What are Pokémon Generation IV Trainers?

Pokémon Generation IV Trainers are those trainers that are found in the Generation IV games – Diamond, Pearl and Platinum. Pokémon Trainers are people who capture and train Pokémon and then compete to become a Champion. Along their journey they compete with other Pokémon trainers. 


Trainers are grouped into different classes depending on their ability. There are a total of 27 different Trainer Classes introduced in the Generation IV games. The majority of these are generic trainers that are not individually named but are known by a descriptive noun e.g. Aroma Lady or Waiter. They can be found in many different locations where they challenge the player to a match.

More experienced Trainers become Gym Leaders and these Trainers are named. There are 8 Generation IV Trainers that are Gym Leaders. Players compete against Gym leaders to win Gym Badges. When all Gym Badges are collected the player can battle the Elite Four.

The Elite Four are four very experienced and strong Trainers. These Trainers are also given names. Once the Elite Four are defeated, the player can go on to battle the Champion who is the last Trainer to defeat the Elite Four. The Champion for Generation II is Lance.

Team Galactic are malevolent Trainers that exploit Pokémon for their own aims. They are led by boss Cyrus and try to steal Professor Rowan’s research and take control of Dialga and Palkia.


Pokémon Generation IV Trainers – Complete List

Champion (Diamond, Pearl, Platinum)

Cynthia Generation IV ChampionCynthia

Favoured Type – None
Stadium – Battle Tower

Champion (HeartGold, SoulSilver)

Lance Pokémon ChampionLance

Favoured Type – Dragon
Stadium – Indigo Plateau 


Generation IV Trainers – Elite Four (Diamond, Pearl, Platinum)

Aaron Generation IV TrainersAaron

Favoured Type – Bug
Stadium – Pokémon League Building

Bertha Elite FourBertha

Favoured Type – Ground
Stadium – Pokémon League Building

Flint Elite FourFlint

Favoured Type – Fire
Stadium – Pokémon League Building

Lucian Elite FourLucian

Favoured Type – Psychic
Stadium – Pokémon League Building


Generation IV Trainers – Elite Four (HeartGold, SoulSilver)

Will Pokémon Elite FourWill

Favoured Type – Psychic
Stadium – Indigo Plateau

Koga Pokémon Elite FourKoga

Favoured Type – Poison
Stadium – Indigo Plateau

Bruno Generation II TrainersBruno

Favoured Type – Fighting
Stadium – Indigo Plateau

Karen Generation II Elite FourKaren

Favoured Type – Dark
Stadium – Indigo Plateau


Generation IV Trainers – Gym Leaders (Diamond, Pearl, Platinum)

Roark Gym LeaderRoark

Location – Oreburgh City
Favoured Pokémon Type – Rock
Badge – Coal badge


Location – Eterna City
Favoured Type – Grass
Badge – Forest Badge

Maylene TrainerMaylene

Location – Veilstone City
Favoured Type – Fighting
Badge – Cobble Badge

Crasher WakeCrasher Wake

Location – Pastoria City
Favoured Type – Water Type
Badge – Fen Badge

Fantina Pokémon Gym LeaderFantina

Location – Hearthome City
Favoured Type – Ghost
Badge – Relic Badge

Byron Pokémon Gym LeaderByron

Location – Canalave City
Favoured Type – Steel
Badge – Mine Badge

Candice Gym LeaderCandice

Location – Snowpoint City
Favoured Type – Ice
Badge – Icicle Badge

Volkner Gym LeaderVolkner

Location – Sunyshore City
Favoured Type – Electric
Badge – Beacon Badge

Generation IV Trainers – Gym Leaders (HeartGold, SoulSilver)

Falkner Pokémon TrainerFalkner

Location – Violet City
Favoured Pokémon Type – Flying
Badge – Zephyr badge

Bugsy Bug Gym LeaderBugsy

Location – Azalea Town
Favoured Type – Bug
Badge – Hive Badge

Whitney Gym LeaderWhitney

Location – Goldenrod City
Favoured Type – Normal
Badge – Plain Badge

Morty Gym LeaderMorty

Location – Ecruteak City
Favoured Type – Ghost Type
Badge – Fog Badge

Chuck Pokémon gym leaderChuck

Location – Cianwood City
Favoured Type – Fighting
Badge – Storm Badge

Jasmine Pokémon Gym LeaderJasmine

Location – Olivine City
Favoured Type – Steel
Badge – Mineral Badge

Pryce Generation II TrainersPryce

Location – Mahogany Town
Favoured Type – Ice
Badge – Glacier Badge

Clair Gym LeaderClair

Location – Blackthorn City
Favoured Type – Dragon
Badge – Earth Badge


Generation IV Trainers – Team Galactic (Diamond, Pearl, Platinum)

Cyrus Team Galactic BossCyrus

Role – Team Galactic Boss
Favoured Pokémon Type – Dark

Team Galactic MarsMars

Role – Team Galactic Commander
Favoured Pokémon Type – Poison

Jupiter Team GalacticJupiter

Role – Team Galactic Commander
Favoured Pokémon Type – Poison

Saturn Team GalacticSaturn

Role – Team Galactic Commander
Favoured Pokémon Type – Poison and Psychic

Charon Team GalacticCharon

Role – Team Galactic Commander
Favoured Pokémon Type – Charon does not battle

Team Galactic GruntsTeam Galactic Grunts

Role – Work for Team Galactic

Generation IV Trainers – Team Rocket (HeartGold, SoulSilver)

Giovanni Team Rocket

Role – Team Rocket Boss
Favoured Pokémon Type – Ground

Team RocketTeam Rocket Grunts

Role – Work for Boss Giovanni
Favoured Pokémon Type – Poison


Generation IV Trainers – Named Trainers

Archer Pokémon TrainerArcher – (HeartGold, SoulSilver)

Role – Team Rocket Admin
Favoured Pokémon Type – Poison

Argenta Pokémon TrainerArgenta – (Platinum, HeartGold, SoulSilver)

Role – Hall Matron, Frontier Brain
Favoured Pokémon Type – Does not battle

Ariana Pokémon TrainerAriana – (HeartGold, Soulsilver)

Role – Team Rocket Admin
Favoured Pokémon Type – Poison

Barry Pokémon TrainerBarry
(Diamond, Pearl, Platinum)

Role – Trainer / Rival
Favoured Pokémon Type – None

Trainer Classes

Complete list of all Generation IV Trainer Classes in alphabetical order

Arcade Star
Castle Valet
Double Team
Elite Four
Gym Leader
Hall Matron
Poké Kid
Team Galactic Commander
Team Galactic Boss
Team Galactic Grunt




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