Pokémon Generation III Trainers Complete List


Pokémon Generation III launched on 21st November 2002 and made its international debut in March 2003 with Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire and Pokémon Emerald was released in Japan in 2004 and internationally in 2005. The Pokémon Red and Green remake, FireRed, LeafGreen was released in 2004 and is also a Generation III game. Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald are set in the Generation III Hoenn region, while FireRed, LeafGreen are set in the Kanto region.

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What are Pokémon Generation III Trainers?

Pokémon Generation III Trainers are those trainers that are found in the Generation III games – Ruby, Sapphire,  Emerald and FireRed, LeafGreen. Pokémon Trainers are people who capture and train Pokémon and then compete to become a Champion. Along their journey they compete with other Pokémon trainers. 


Trainers are grouped into different classes depending on their ability. There are a total of 44 different Trainer Classes introduced in the Generation III games. The majority of these are generic trainers that are not individually named but are known by a descriptive noun e.g. Parasol Lady or Triathlete. They can be found in many different locations where they challenge the player to a match.

More experienced Trainers become Gym Leaders and these Trainers are named. There are 8 Generation III Trainers that are Gym Leaders. Players compete against Gym leaders to win Gym Badges. When all Gym Badges are collected the player can battle the Elite Four.

The Elite Four are four very experienced and strong Trainers. These Trainers are also given names. Once the Elite Four are defeated, the player can go on to battle the Champion – the last Trainer to defeat the Elite Four. The Champion for Generation II is Lance.

Team Aqua and Team Magma are malevolent Trainers that exploit Pokémon for their own aims. Team Aqua, led by boss Archie, want to expand the world’s oceans by awakening the Legendary Pokemon Kyogre, which they believe will cause heavy rainfall and create more habitats for water-type Pokemon. Team Magma led by boss Maxie, seek to increase the world’s landmass by awakening the Legendary Pokemon Groudon, which they believe will cause the oceans to recede and make more space for land-based Pokemon.


Pokémon Generation III Trainers – Complete List

Champion (Ruby & Sapphire)

Steven Stone Pokémon ChampionSteven Stone

Favoured Type – Steel
Stadium – Pokémon League Building

Champion (Emerald)

Wallace Pokémon ChampionWallace

Favoured Type – Water
Stadium – Pokémon League Building

Champion (FireRed, LeafGreen)

Blue Pokémon ChampionBlue

Favoured Pokémon Type – None
Stadium – Indigo Plateau


Generation III Trainers – Elite Four (Ruby, Sapphire & Emerald)

Sidney Elite FourSidney

Favoured Type – Dark
Stadium – Pokémon League Building

Phoebe Elite Four Generation IIIPhoebe

Favoured Type – Ghost
Stadium – Pokémon League Building

Glacia Generation III TrainersGlacia

Favoured Type – Ice
Stadium – Pokémon League Building

Drake Elite Four Generation IIIDrake

Favoured Type – Dragon
Stadium – Pokémon League Building


Generation III Trainers – Elite Four (FireRed, LeafGreen)

Lorelei - Elite Four Generation ILorelei

Favoured Pokémon Type – Ice
Stadium – Indigo Plateau

Bruno Generation I TrainersBruno

Favoured Type – Fighting
Stadium – Indigo Plateau

Agatha Pokémon TrainerAgatha

Favoured Type – Ghost
Stadium – Indigo Plateau

Lance Pokémon Elite fourLance

Favoured Type – Dragon
Stadium – Indigo Plateau


Generation III Trainers – Gym Leaders (Ruby, Sapphire & Emerald)

Roxanne, Pokémon Gym leaderRoxanne

Location – Rustboro City
Favoured Pokémon Type – Rock
Badge – Stone badge

Brawley Generation III TrainersBrawly

Location – Dewford Town
Favoured Type – Fighting
Badge – Knuckle Badge

Wattson Pokémon Gym LeaderWattson

Location – Mauville City
Favoured Type – Electric
Badge – Dynamo Badge

Flannery Pokémon Gym LeaderFlannery

Location – Lavaridge Town
Favoured Type – Fire Type
Badge – Heat Badge

Norman Gym LeaderNorman

Location – Petalburg City
Favoured Type – Normal
Badge – Balance Badge

Winona Pokémon Gym LeaderWinona

Location – Fortree City
Favoured Type – Flying
Badge – Feather Badge

Tate and Liza Pokémon Gym LeaderTate & Liza

Location – Mossdeep City
Favoured Type – Psychic
Badge – Mind Badge

Wallace Gym LeaderWallace (Ruby & Sapphire only)

Location – Sootopolis City
Favoured Type – Water
Badge – Rain Badge


Juan Pokémon Gym LeaderJuan (Emerald only)

Location – Sootopolis City
Favoured Type – Water
Badge – Rain Badge


Generation III Trainers – Gym Leaders (FireRed, LeafGreen)

Brock, Generation I Gym LeaderBrock

Location – Pewter City
Favoured Pokémon Type – Rock
Badge – Boulder Badge

Misty Gym LeaderMisty

Location – Cerulean City
Favoured Pokémon Type – Water
Badge – Cascade Badge

Lt Surge Gym Leader Generation I TrainersLt Surge

Location – Vermillion City
Favoured Pokémon Type – Electric
Badge – Thunder Badge

Erika TrainerErika

Location – Celadon City
Favoured Pokémon Type – Grass
Badge – Rainbow Badge

Koga Pokémon Gym LeaderKoga

Location – Fuchsia City
Favoured Pokémon Type – Poison 
Badge – Soul Badge

Sabrina Gym LeaderSabrina

Location – Saffron City
Favoured Pokémon Type – Psychic
Badge – Marsh Badge

Blaine Pokémon Gym LeaderBlaine

Location – Cinnabar Island
Favoured Pokémon Type – Fire
Badge – Volcano Badge

Giovanni Team Rocket

Location – Viridian City
Favoured Pokémnon Type – Ground
Badge – Earth Badge


Generation III Trainers – Team Magma (Ruby, Emerald)

Maxie Team Magma BossMaxie

Role – Team Magma Leader
Favoured Pokémon Type – Fire

Team Magma GruntsTeam Magma Grunts

Role – Work for Magma Leader Maxie
Favoured Pokémon Type – Fire


Generation III Trainers – Team Aqua (Sapphire, Emerald)

Archie Pokémon TrainerArchie

Role – Team Aqua Leader
Favoured Pokémon Type – Water

Team Aqua GruntsTeam Aqua Grunts

Role – Work for Aqua Leader Archie
Favoured Pokémon Type – Water


Generation III Trainers – Team Rocket (FireRed, LeafGreen)

Giovanni Team Rocket

Role – Team Rocket Boss
Favoured Pokémon Type – Ground

Team RocketTeam Rocket Grunts

Role – Work for Boss Giovanni
Favoured Pokémon Type – Poison


Generation III Trainers – Named Trainers

Anabel Gen IIIAnabel

Role – Salon Maiden
Favoured Pokémon Type – Psychic

Archer Pokémon TrainerArcher – (FireRed, LeafGreen)

Role – Team Rocket Admin
Favoured Pokémon Type – Poison

Ariana Pokémon TrainerAriana – (FireRed, LeafGreen)

Role – Team Rocket Admin
Favoured Pokémon Type – Poison


Trainer Classes

Complete list of Generation III Trainer Classes in alphabetical order

Area Tycoon
Aroma Lady
Battle Girl
Bug Maniac
Cool Couple
Crush Girl
Crush Kin
Dome Ace
Dragon Tamer
Elite Four
Factory Head
Gym Leader
Hex Maniac
Ninja Boy
Old Couple
Palace Maven
Parasol Lady
Pike Queen
PKMN Breeder
PKMN Ranger
Pyramid King
Rich Boy
Ruin Maniac
Salon Maiden
Sis & Bro
Sr and Jr
Team Aqua Admin
Team Aqua Grunt
Team Aqua Leader
Team Magma Admin
Team Magma Grunt
Team Magma Leader
Young Couple




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