Pokémon Generation VI Trainers Complete List


Pokémon Generation VI launched Worldwide on 12th October 2013 with the games Pokémon X and Y. The games are set in the Kalos region. Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire released in November 2014. Although they are remakes of the Generation III games Ruby and Sapphire and set in the Hoenn region, they are classed as Generation VI Games.

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What are Pokémon Generation VI Trainers?

Pokémon Generation VI Trainers are those trainers that are found in the Generation VI games – X and Y. Pokémon Trainers are people who capture and train Pokémon and then compete to become a Champion. Along their journey they compete with other Pokémon trainers. 


Trainers are grouped into different classes depending on their ability. There are a total of 63 different Trainer Classes introduced in the Generation VI games. The majority of these are generic trainers that are not individually named but are known by a descriptive noun e.g. Artist or Ranger. They can be found in many different locations where they challenge the player to a match.

More experienced Trainers become Gym Leaders and these Trainers are named. There are 8 Generation VI Trainers that are Gym Leaders. Players compete against Gym leaders to win Gym Badges. When all 8 Gym Badges are collected the player can battle the Elite Four.

The Elite Four are four very experienced and strong Trainers. These Trainers are also given names. Once the Elite Four are defeated, the player can go on to battle the Champion who is the last Trainer to defeat the Elite Four. The Champion for Generation VI is Diantha.

Team Flare are malevolent Trainers that are led by boss Lysandre. They dislike humans and Pokémon and feel that fighting makes the World unattractive. Their aim is to rid the World of Trainers an Pokémon take resources for themselves in order to make the World more beautiful.


Pokémon Generation VI Trainers – Complete List

Champion (X & Y)

Diantha Pokémon ChampionDiantha

Favoured  Pokémon Type – None
Stadium – Battle Chateau

Champion (Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire)

Steven Stone Pokémon ChampionSteven Stone

Favoured  Pokémon Type – Steel
Stadium – Meteor Falls


Generation VI Trainers – Elite Four (X & Y)

Malva Generation VI Elite 4Malva

Favoured Type – Fire
Stadium – Pokémon League Building

Siebold Elite FourSiebold

Favoured Type – Water
Stadium – Pokémon League Building

Wikstrom Generation VI Elite FourWikstrom

Favoured Type – Steel
Stadium – Pokémon League Building

Drasna Elite FourDrasna

Favoured Type – Dragon
Stadium – Pokémon League Building


Generation VI Trainers – Elite Four (Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire)

Sidney Gym LeaderSidney

Favoured Type – Dark
Stadium – Pokémon League Building

Phoebe Elite FourPhoebe

Favoured Type – Ghost
Stadium – Pokémon League Building

Glacia Elite FourGlacia

Favoured Type – Ice
Stadium – Pokémon League Building

Drake Elite FourDrake

Favoured Type – Dragon
Stadium – Pokémon League Building


Generation VI Trainers – Gym Leaders (X & Y)

Viola TrainerViola

Location – Santalune City
Favoured Pokémon Type – Bug
Badge – Bug Badge

Grant Generation VI TrainerGrant

Location – Cyllage City
Favoured Type – Rock
Badge – Cliff Badge

Korrina Generation VI Gym LeaderKorrina

Location – Shalour City
Favoured Type – Fighting
Badge – Rumble Badge

Trainer RamosRamos

Location – Coumarine City
Favoured Type – Grass Type
Badge – Plant Badge

Clemont Pokémon TrainerClemont

Location – Lumiose City
Favoured Type – Electric
Badge – Voltage Badge


Location – Laverre City
Favoured Type – Fairy
Badge – Fairy Badge

Olympia Gym LeaderOlympia

Location – Anistar City
Favoured Type – Psychic
Badge – Psychic Badge

Wulfric Pokémon Gym LeaderWulfric

Location – Snowbelle City
Favoured Type – Ice
Badge – Iceberg Badge

Generation VI Trainers – Gym Leaders (Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire)

Roxanne Gym LeaderRoxanne

Location – Rustboro City
Favoured Pokémon Type – Rock
Badge – Stone Badge

Brawly Gym LeaderBrawly

Location – Dewford Town
Favoured Type – Fighting
Badge – Knuckle Badge

Wattson Pokémon Gym LeaderWattson

Location – Mauville City
Favoured Type – Electric
Badge – Dynamo Badge

Flannery Gym LeaderFlannery

Location – Lavaridge town
Favoured Type – Fire Type
Badge – Heat Badge

Norman Gym LeaderNorman

Location – Petalburg City
Favoured Type – Normal
Badge – Balance Badge

Winona Pokémon Gym LeaderWinona

Location – Fortree City
Favoured Type – Flying
Badge – Feather Badge

Tate and Liza Gym LeadersTate & Liza

Location – Mossdeep City
Favoured Type – Psychic
Badge – Mind Badge

Wallace Pokémon Gym LeaderWallace

Location – Sootopolis City
Favoured Type – Water
Badge – Rain Badge


Generation VI Trainers – Team Flare (X & Y)

Lysandre Team Flare LeaderLysandre

Role – Team Flare Boss
Favoured Pokémon Type – None

Team Flare AdminsTeam Flare Admins

Role – Work for Team Flare

Team Flare GruntsTeam Flare Grunts

Role – Work for Team Flare

Generation VI Trainers – Team Magma & Team Aqua
(Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire)

Team Magma

Maxie Team Magma BossMaxie

Role – Team Magma Leader
Favoured Pokémon Type – Fire

Team Magma GruntsTeam Magma Grunts

Role – Work for Magma Leader Maxie
Favoured Pokémon Type – Fire

Team Aqua

Archie Pokémon TrainerArchie

Role – Team Aqua Leader
Favoured Pokémon Type – Water

Team Aqua GruntsTeam Aqua Grunts

Role – Work for Aqua Leader Archie
Favoured Pokémon Type – Water


Generation VI Trainers – Named Trainers

Aarune Pokémon Trainer ProfileAarune

Pokémon Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire
Favoured Pokémon – Flygon

AZ Pokémon TrainerAZ

Pokémon X and Y
Favoured Pokémon Type – None


Trainer Classes

Complete list of all Generation VI Trainer Classes in alphabetical order

Ace Duo
Artist Family
Battle Chatelaine
Brains and Brawn
Elite Four
Fairy Tale Girl
Fare Prince
Free Diver
Furisode Girl
Grand Duchess
Grand Duke
Gym Leader
Lumiose Gang Member
Mysterious Sisters
Pokéfan Family
Punk Couple
Punk Girl
Punk Guy
Rich Boy
Rising Star
Roller Skater
Rotation Girl
School Boy
School Girl
Scuba Diver
Secret Base Expert
Secret Base Trainer
Sky Trainer
Street Thug
Suspicious Child
Suspicious Lady
Suspicious Woman
Team Flare Admin
Team Flare Boss
Team Flare Grunt




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