Pokémon Go Game and TCG Collaboration

On 6th June 2022, Pokémon announced that the launch of the Pokémon Go Trading Card Expansion set would be celebrated with special themed events in the Pokémon Go game.


Pokémon Go

Mewtwo Pokémon Go CollaborationTaking place between 16th and 30th June 2022, the themed events will include:

A chance to catch Pikachu wearing a special Trading Card Game themed hat.

The appearance of Mewtwo in five-star raids

The debut of Wimpod and Golisopod in the Pokémon Go app

After the Pokémon Go Trading Card Game launch on 1st July 2022, TCG products will include promo cards that can be used to obtain in-game avatar items. These special items will include a trainer hat and T-shirt that match Pikachu’s game-themed hat. The codes can only be redeemed between 17th and 3st July 2022.

Shiny Venusaur, Shiny Charizard and Shiny Blastoise can be encountered in the world of Pokémon GO and these Pokémon will feature in the TCG as Radiant Venusaur, Radiant Charizard.





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