Pokémon Go Pack Weight – Does it make a difference?

It is widely believed that booster packs with a higher weight are more likely to have rarer and more valuable art cards inside. Individual booster packs are frequently advertised on selling sites with the word ‘heavy’ suggesting that the weight indicates there will be special cards inside. Here are the results of our Pokémon Go pack weight analysis.


Our Sample Packs

Pokémon Go Elite Trainer Box

The Pokémon Go expansion set was released on 1st July 2022. As a special expansion set, booster packs are not sold separately and can only be obtained by purchasing special boxes and tins.

We purchased three sealed Elite Trainer Boxes and a Radiant Eevee Special Collection Box to use for our test. We bought the products from three different suppliers to ensure they were completely random boxes.

The Elite Trainer boxes each contain 10 booster packs while the Collection box contains 8 booster packs. 

After removing the booster packs from the boxes we began weighing the 38 packs. 


Pokémon Go Pack Weight

We used a highly sensitive digital scale to get an accurate weight for each pack. 

Pokémon Go Pack Weight

The Pokémon Go pack weights ranged from 21g to 23g.

21g – 7 packs
22g – 16 packs
23g – 15 packs 


The Results

We decided not to log the numbers of reverse holo, uncommon, common or energy cards. We also decided not to log the holo rare cards since all the rare cards are holo in this set. 

The 21g Packs

The first Pokémon Go packs to be opened were the 7 x 21g weight packs. 6 packs had no art or special cards. The remaining pack contained 1 Conkeldurr V 040/078.

040/078 Conkeldurr

The 22g Packs

The 16 x 22g weight packs were opened next. 10 packs had no art or special cards The remaining 6 packs had the following cards:

1 Radiant Card
Radiant Blastoise  018/078

2 Half Art V / VSTAR Cards
Exeggutor V 005/078
Dragonite VSTAR 050/078

1 Ultra Rare Card
Dragonite V  076/078

2 Secret Rainbow Rare Cards
Mewtwo VSTAR  079/078
Melmetal VMAX 080/078

Mewtwo VSTAR 079/078

The 23g Packs

The 15 x 23g weight packs were opened next. 11 packs contained no art or holo rare cards. From the remaining 4 packs we pulled.

1 Radiant Card
Charizard 011/078

1 Special Card
Peelable Numel / Ditto Card 013/078

2 Half Art  V Cards
Conkeldurr V  040/078
Slaking V  058/078

1 Ultra Rare Card
Exeggutor V 071/078

Alolan Exeggutor V



From the 7 x 21g packs we pulled 1 V half art card – a 14% pull rate.

From the 16 x 22g packs we pulled 1 Radiant Card, 1 Half Art V, 1 VSTAR, 1 Ultra Rare and 2 Secret Rare cards – a 37.5% pull rate

From the 15 x 23g packs we pulled 1 Radiant Card, 1 Special Card, 2 Half Art  V Cards and 1 Ultra Rare – a 33% pull rate.

The results of our Pokémon Go pack weight experiment appears to show that heavier packs have a better pull rate than lighter packs. 

However, it should be remembered that only 38 packs were used for this experiment. Using a greater number of packs may give a different result.



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