Pokémon Complete VSTAR Card List

Pokemon VSTAR cards were first introduced in 2022 with the launch of the Sword and Shield Brilliant Stars expansion set.

Listed below is a complete VSTAR card list. Cards are grouped by expansion set and Pokémon type.

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Pokémon VSTAR Card List


Sword and Shield Promo Cards

Grass Type Grass Type
Leafeon VSTAR   SWSH195

Water Type Water type
Glaceon VSTAR   SWSH197

Fighting Type  Fighting Type
Lucario VSTAR  SWSH214
Kleavor VSTAR  SWSH249

Dragon Type  Dragon Type
Dragonite VSTAR  SWSH236

Brilliant Stars SWSH09

Grass Type Grass Type
014/172   Shaymin VSTAR  
173/172   Shaymin VSTAR

Fire Type Fire type symbol
018/172   Charizard VSTAR
174/172   Charizard VSTAR

Psychic Type Psychic Type
065/172   Whimsicott VSTAR
175/172   Whimsicott VSTAR

Normal Type Normal Type
123/172   Arceus VSTAR 
176/172   Arceus VSTAR 
184/172   Arceus VSTAR

Astral Radiance Logo

Grass Type Grass Type
018/189   Hisuian Lilligant VSTAR 
190/189   Hisuian Lilligant VSTAR

Water Type  Water type
040/189   Origin Forme Palkia  VSTAR
192/189   Origin Forme Palkia VSTAR
208/189   Origin Forme Palkia VSTAR 

Psychic Type  Psychic Type
054/189   Hisuian Typhlosion VSTAR
193/189   Hisuian Typhlosion VSTAR 

Fighting Type  Fighting Type
084/189   Hisuian Decidueye VSTAR
195/189   Hisuian Decidueye VSTAR
196/189   Kleavor VSTAR 

Dark Type  Dark Type
099/189   Darkrai VSTAR
102/189   Hisuian Samurott VSTAR
197/189   Hisuian Samurott VSTAR 
209/189   Hisuian Samurott VSTAR

Steel Type  Steel Type
114/189   Origin Forme Dialga VSTAR
198/189   Origin Forme Dialga VSTAR 
210/189   Origin Forme Dialga VSTAR 

Pokémon Go

Psychic Type  Psychic Type
031/078   Mewtwo VSTAR  ★H
079/078   Mewtwo VSTAR  ★H
086/078   Mewtwo VSTAR  ★H

Dragon Type  Dragon Type
050/078   Dragonite VSTAR  ★H
081/078   Dragonite VSTAR  ★H

Lost Origin Logo



Electric Type  Electric type
057/196   Magnezone VSTAR  ★H
198/196   Magnezone VSTAR ★S

Fighting Type  Fighting Type
093/196   Aerodactyl VSTAR  ★H
199/196   Aerodactyl VSTAR ★S

Dark Type  Dark Type
119/196   Drapion VSTAR  ★H
200/196   Drapion VSTAR ★S

Dragon Type  Dragon Type
131/078   Giratina VSTAR  ★H
201/196   Giratina VSTAR ★S
136/196   Hisuian Goodra VSTAR  ★H
202/196   Hisuian Goodra VSTAR ★S

Normal Type Normal Type
147/196   Hisuian Zoroark VSTAR  ★H
203/196   Hisuian Zoroark VSTAR ★S

Silver Tempest

Grass Type Grass Type
008/195   Serperior VSTAR  ★H
196/195   Serperior VSTAR  ★S

Water Type Water type
034/195   Alolan Vulpix VSTAR  ★H
197/195   Alolan Vulpix VSTAR  ★S

Psychic Type  Psychic Type
066/195   Unown VSTAR  ★H
071/195   Mawile VSTAR  ★H
199/195   Unown VSTAR  ★S
200/195   Mawile VSTAR  ★S

Dragon Type  Dragon Type
136/195   Regidrago VSTAR  ★H
201/195   Regidrago VSTAR  ★S

Normal Type Normal Type
139/195   Lugia VSTAR  ★H
202/195   Lugia VSTAR  ★S


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