September V-Union Special Collection Boxes

What are V-Union Special Collection Boxes?

The V-Union Special Collection Boxes were a new product introduced by Pokémon for 2021. They launched in Japan in August 2021 and internationally on 24th September 2021.


V-Union Boxes September 2021

Three  V-Union special collection boxes are being released:
Mewtwo V-Union, Greninja V-Union and Zacian V-Union.

The boxes retail at around £32.50 ($45.00). 

There is no indication that V-Union cards will be available in booster packs or boxes so it is likely that these special collection V-Union boxes will be in high demand.


What is V-Union?

V-Union is a new mechanic which sees four Pokémon cards combining together to form a Jumbo-sized V-Union card. These combined cards will add a new dimension to the Trading Card game. 

The four cards will be regular-sized Pokémon cards that fit together to form a Jumbo-sized V-Union. The image shows how the four regular-sized Greninja cards fit together to form Greninja V-Union.

When you have all four cards in your discard pile you can place them on your bench. This will allow you to use the powers associated with that V-Union card. It can only be used once per game so should be used at the most opportune moment. 

However, if a player has more than one V-Union each one can be used once during a game. 


What is inside the September V-Union Special Collection Boxes?

4 x promo cards that fit together to make Greninja V-Union, Mewtwo V-Union or Zacian V-Union
1 x Jumbo card card featuring Greninja, Mewtwo or Zacian
1 x Trainer card – Professor Burnett
1 x Code card for the online game
4 x Booster Packs 

Greninja V Union Box



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