Spring 2024 Stacking Tins Release Date, Info, Images

What are the Spring 2024 Stacking Tins?

Spring 2024 Stacking Tins

The Spring 2024 Stacking tins are a set of three tins featuring Psychic, Dragon and Metal type Pokémon. The tins are so called because they are designed to stack on top of each other.

Stacking tins were first released in the Spring of 2022 when three tins featuring Grass, Water and Electric type were released.  In the Autumn of 2022 a further three tins featuring Fire, Fighting and Darkness type Pokémon were released. 

The Psychic tin features: Gengar, Galarian Rapidash, Jigglypuff and Espeon.
The Dragon tin features: Dragapult, Flapple, Drampa and Goomy
The Metal tin features: Cufant, Meltan, Tinkaton and Scizor


What is the Spring 2024 Stacking Tins Release Date?

The Spring 2024 Stacking Tins release date is set for 1st March 2024 with a recommended retail price of £12.99 / $12.99.

The tins are rectangular in shape with rounded corners and a removable top lid. The tins measure 12 cm (4.8 inches) x 10 cm (3.9 inches). 


What is inside the Spring 2024 Stacking Tins? 

Each of the three tins – Psychic, Dragon and Metal will contain:

3 booster packs 
1 Pokémon coin.


Are the Spring 2024 Stacking Tins value for money?

Each tin contains 3 Booster packs and a coin. Booster packs are generally available for £4 / $4 while coins are worth less than £1 / $1. 

The potential value of the contents of each tin is therefore around £13 / $13 which is the same as the recommended retail price for the tins. However, the tins themselves are highly collectable and may we worth an additional £3 / $3. The tins are likely to increase in value over time, particularly if they are part of a complete set.

Given the collectable nature of this product, the Spring 2024 stacking tins are good value for money, particularly so for collectors of the complete set. 



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