SV 151 Zapdos ex Collection Info & Contents


What is the Zapdos ex Collection?

The Zapdos ex Collection is the fifth Collection box to be released in the Scarlet and Violet Series. This fifth box in the series is being released as part of the Scarlet & Violet 151 special expansion set. It has a recommended retail price of £23.99 in the UK and $21.99 in the US.


Zapdos ex Collection

The Zapdos ex Box released on 6th October 2023 two weeks after the launch of Scarlet & Violet 151. It is being released alongside the Alakazam ex Collection.

The released image of the box shows a rectangular format similar to earlier ex boxes and the V boxes of the Sword and Shield series. The box dimensions have not been released but earlier rectangular format Collection boxes were 29 x 23 x 4 cm (11.5 x 9 x 1.6 inches), so we can expect this box to be a similar size.

The artwork for the box features a cut out window showing the contents of the box surrounded by the Scarlet & Violet 151 design that shows the 151 Generation I Pokémon in cartoon form. Zapdos is depicted in the bottom right hand corner. 

The recommended retail price for the box is £23.99 in the UK and $21.99 in the US.


What are the contents of the Zapdos ex Collection?

The contents of the box have been revealed and in a change from previous boxes, there is no Jumbo card. The contents of the box are:

1 Zapdos ex Promo card SVP049
1 Jumbo Zapdos ex card SVP049
1 Electabuzz card 125/165
an online code card
4  Booster Packs

Zapdos ex Collection cards


Is the Zapdos ex Collection Box good value for money?

The box contains one Zapdos ex Black Star Promo Card, one Zapdos Jumbo promo card, an Electabuzz Card from Scarlet & Violet 151 and 4 Booster packs. Individual booster packs generally retail for around £4 in the UK and $4 in the US. Zapdos is a popular Legendary Pokémon and the regular sized promo card is likely to sell for £4 / $4. The Zapdos Jumbo sized card is the first oversized card to be released in the Scarlet and Violet series and will be highly sought after by collectors. It could fetch around £5 / $5. The Electabuzz card is likely to be obtainable for £1 / $1. 

Four Booster packs would therefore cost £16 / $16 adding the expected value of the three cards takes the total to around £26.00 or $26.00 which higher than the retail price in the UK and the US. The Zapdos ex Collection box is therefore reasonable value for money.



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