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ex Pokémon 2023

ex Pokémon made a return to the TCG with the launch of the Generation IX Scarlet & Violet Series on March 31st 2023. The ex mechanic is not new to the Trading Card Game, it was last seen sixteen years ago in 2007.

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The Pokemon ex mechanic was first introduced in 2003 with the launch of the first Generation III EX Series – ex Ruby and Sapphire. They continued through the series ending with EX Power Keepers in 2007. After a gap of sixteen years the ex mechanic will return to Generation IX, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.


What are ex Pokémon?

ex is short for ‘extra’ signifying that these Pokémon have something extra to regular Pokémon.

In the Trading Card Game, ex Pokémon have greater Hit Points (HP) and special attacks that do greater damage than non-ex Pokémon. However, if they are knocked out they give up two prize cards. ex Pokémon cards are marked with a stylized ex after the character name.

Koraidon ex - What are Pokémon ex


Why are ex Pokémon Different?

The ex Pokémon mechanic differs from the Sword and Shield V mechanic in that ex Pokémon follow their normal evolution sequence. This means that ex Pokémon can be Basic, Stage 1 or Stage 2 Pokémon depending on their evolution. It also means that players cannot randomly play an ex card, but have to follow that character’s evolution. For example: Arcanine ex has to evolve from Growlithe. This is a big change from the previous Sword and Shield V where all V cards were basic stage and could be played at any time.


Is ex the same as EX?

No, although they use the same letters, the ex mechanic (written in lower case), is not the same as the EX mechanic (written in upper case), which was a feature in the Sun and Moon series 2017 – 2019. Although they have extra HP and special abilities, EX cards are always basic stage and do not have to follow evolution.


Will there be Terastalized ex Pokémon?

Terastalized Pokémon are a new feature introduced into the Scarlet and Violet Games which released in November 2022. These Pokémon have a crystallised, sparkly appearance and will feature in the Trading Card Game. For these cards the ex symbol will have a crystal-style design.  It has been announced that terastilized Pokémon on the bench can withstand attacks.

Terastalized ex card symbol



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