What are Pokémon LV.X Cards? Info & Images


Pokémon LV.X Cards Explained

Pokémon LV.X cards were first introduced to the Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG) in May 2007 with the release of the Diamond and Pearl base set .  LV.X literally means Level X and indicates that Pokémon with this designation are of a higher evolution level than regular Pokémon. These Pokémon do not evolve in the usual way but rather, automatically Level Up when the card is played.

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Which Sets have LV.X Cards?

After the Diamond and Pearl Base Set introduction of LV.X cards in May 2007 they continued through to the Platinum series, with the last Lv.X cards being released in the Platinum Arceus set of November 2009. In total 75 Pokémon LV.X cards were released:

Diamond and Pearl Promo Cards – 19 cards
Diamond and Pearl Base Set – 3 cards
DP Mysterious Treasures – 3 cards
DP Secret Wonders – 2 cards
DP Great Encounters – 4 cards
DP Majestic Dawn – 4 cards
DP Legends Awakened – 7 cards
DP Stormfront – 5 cards
Platinum Base Set – 6 cards
Platinum Rising Rivals – 9 cards
Platinum Supreme Victors – 7 cards
Platinum Arceus – 6 cards


How to Identify LV.X Cards

111/111 Snorlax - LV.X cards

All Pokémon LV.X Cards display LV.X just after the character’s name. The LV is depicted in black while the oversized X is in gold. Additionally, underneath the name, in the position that generally shows the evolution stage of the Pokémon, the words ‘LEVEL UP’ are shown against a gold background. Finally, at the bottom of these cards is the LEVEL UP rule, written on a gold background ‘Put this card onto your Active [Pokémon name]. [Pokémon name] LV. X can use any attack, Poké-Power, or Poké-Body from its previous Level.


How are LV.X Cards used in the Trading Card Game?

When selecting a deck for play, the player needs to include the LV.X card and a regular card of that Pokémon. There is a four card limit for any one Pokémon in a deck and each LV.X card counts as one of these cards. For example: if a player wants to use a Darkrai LV.X card, they need to have a regular Darkrai card in their deck.

4/106 Darkrai104/106 Darkrai LV.X

In order to use the LV.X card the regular card needs to be in the active spot. The LV.X card is then placed on top of the regular card on the next turn. 

Using an LV.X card to level up differs from the regular evolution of a Pokémon in that the abilities and attacks associated with the original card can still be used. The LV.X card also has a greatly increased HP value making it more difficult to defeat. The Darkrai LV.X card above has a HP of 100 which is greater than its regular counterpart which has an HP of 80.



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