What are Pokémon Shiny Vault Cards?


Shiny Vault Cards Explained

Shiny Vault cards are Pokémon cards that make up a subset of a special expansion set with their own unique numbering system. To date Shiny Vault subsets have been included with two sets – Sun and Moon Hidden Fates released in 2019, and Sword and Shield Shining Fates released in 2021. The Pokémon characters featured on Shiny Vault cards are always Shiny Pokémon and these cards have a distinctive shiny holographic background which features gold coloured stars. Trainer cards that are included in Shiny Vault subsets co not include gold coloured stars.

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These special cards are always numbered with the prefix SV can be Half Art Holo Rare cards or Full Art.

SV6-SV94 Charmander

The Holo Rare Charmander card SV6/SV94, pictured above, is from the Hidden Fates Shiny Vault. Charmander is pictured against the distinctive Shiny Vault background of white holofoil decorated with gold stars. Holo Rare Shiny Vault cards are often referred to as baby shinies because The holo-style shiny vault cards are often referred to as Baby Shinies, in part differentiate them from the full art Shiny Vault cards, but also because many of the Holo Rare cards feature basic level, unevolved Pokémon.


SV107/SV122 Charizard VMAX

The Full Art Charizard VMAX card SV107/SV122, pictured above, is from the Shining Fates Shiny Vault. Charizard is depicted in Gigantamax form surrounded by flames against a blue sky. The Shiny Vault gold stars can be seen in the sky and also below Charizard’s right arm.


SV83/SV94 Fisherman

The Full Art Trainer card, SV83/SV94, pictured above is an Ultra Rare card from the Hidden Fates Shiny Vault. It is a regular full art card and does not include gold coloured stars since it is not a Shiny Pokémon.


Where can Shiny Vault Cards be Found?

Shiny Vault cards first appeared in 2019 as a subset of the Sun and Moon Hidden Fates expansion set. There are 163 cards in the Hidden Fates set of which 94 make up the shiny vault subset. These cards are numbered SV?/SV94.

In February 2021 Pokémon released the Shining Fates special expansion set. This set of 195 cards includes a Shiny Vault subset of 122 cards which are numbered SV?/SV122.

Hidden Fates and Shining Fates are both special expansion sets where booster packs are not sold separately but can only be found in Elite Trainer Boxes, Collection Boxes and Tins.

The unique appearance of these cards makes them highly collectible. The fact that booster packs are only available in special products adds to their collectability and also increases their value. Both shiny vault sets released to date feature the fan-favourite Pokémon Charizard and these cards are highly sought after.

SV49/SV94 Charizard  SV107/SV122 Charizard VMAX

The Charizard GX card SV49/SV94 is currently selling on Ebay UK for around £250 and on Ebay.com for around $300, while the Charizard VMAX card SV107/SV122 is available on Ebay UK for around £60 and on Ebay.com for around $90.

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