What is the Pokémon Go Pull Rate?

This article takes a look at the Pokémon Go pull rate and offers results for the likelihood of finding art cards or special rare cards in the set booster packs.


What is a Pull Rate?

One of the most important metrics for a new expansion set is the pull rate – the ratio of packs that have rare art cards to those that don’t. Sets that have a good pull rate tend to be more popular than those with a low pull rate.

Pull rates are normally applied to booster boxes, but the Pokémon Go expansion is a special set and booster packs are only available in elite trainer boxes and special collection sets.

Booster packs - Pokémon Go pull rate


Our Sample Packs

We used packs from three Elite Trainer Boxes and a Radiant Eevee Special Collection box for our analysis of the Pokémon Go pull rate. The Elite Trainer boxes each contain 10 booster packs while the Collection box contains 8 booster packs. This gave us a total of 38 packs to open.

We decided not to log the numbers of reverse holo, uncommon or common cards. We also decided not to log the holo rare cards since all the rare cards are holo in this set. 


How good is the Pokémon Go pull rate?

We opened a total of 38 booster packs and logged the cards that were in each pack, making a note of art cards, radiant cards and special rare cards.

Of the 38 packs, 26 contained no art or special cards.

Mewtwo VSTAR 079/07812 packs contained either an art card or a special rare card. The cards from these packs were:

1 x Exeggutor V  005/078
2 x Conkeldurr V  040/078
1 x Slaking V  058/078
1 x Exeggutor V  071/078
1 x Dragonite V  076/078
1 x Dragonite VSTAR  050/078
1 x Mewtwo VSTAR  079/078
1 x Melmetal VMAX  080/078
1 x Radiant Charizard  011/078
1 x Radiant Blastoise  018/078
1 x Numel – Peelable Ditto 013/078




From our 38 packs we pulled 12 cards that were either art cards, radiant cards or peelable Ditto. This works out to an 31.5% chance of pulling one of these cards from a pack. 

We also compared the Pokémon Go pull rate of the Elite Trainer Boxes and the Radiant Eevee Box. 

The 30 packs from the Elite Trainer Boxes revealed 9 art or special cards. A rather poor pull rate of 30%.

The 8 packs from the Radiant Eevee Collection Box contained 3 art or special cards. A slightly better pull rate of 37.5%.

Overall, our test concludes that the Pokémon Go pull rate is poor ranging between 30 and 37.5%. However, it should be remembered that these finding are based on analysis of 38 packs. Using a greater number of packs may give a different result.



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