Top 10 Best Halloween Pokémon

What are the 10 Best Halloween Pokémon?

Listed below are our top 10 best Halloween Pokémon displayed in unique Halloween-themed settings. 



Pokédex 710

Halloween Pumpkaboo

Pumpkaboo is a Generation VI Pokémon that resembles a pumpkin and is an ideal character for Halloween. A ghost / grass type, it is no surprise to find it hiding among the foliage enjoying a spot of autumn sunshine.


Pokédex 596

Galvantula Halloween Pokemon

A great choice for our best Halloween Pokémon, Galvantula is a Generation V Pokémon that resembles a spider. A bug / electric type, Galvantula scurries across the soil looking to use its electric silk threads to catch its next prey.


Pokédex 609

Chandelure Halloween Pokémon

Chandelure, with its spooky purple flames, is a Generation V Pokémon and a fire / ghost type. It has an ideal Halloween setting in this dark, damp and possibly haunted cave.


Pokédex 088

Grimer Halloween Pokémon

Grimer is a Generation I, dark / poison type Pokémon.  Comprised of congealed purple sludge, Grimer turns the land it touches into barren soil. Here it slithers, ghost-like, destroying the vegetation as it passes by. 


Pokédex 778

Mimikyu Best Halloween Pokémon

Mimikyu is a ghost / fairy type Pokémon from Generation VII that hides its body under a piece of rag fashioned to look like Pikachu.  The odd angle of its head together with its scribbled facial features make it a scary Pokémon and ideal for Halloween.


Pokédex 041

Zubat Best Halloween Pokémon

Bats and churches have long been associated with Halloween. Here Zubat, a Generation I flying / poison type Pokémon, flies around a church, dimly lit by light filtering through the stained glass windows. Its open mouth adds to its scariness making it a good choice for our best Halloween Pokémon list.


Pokédex 442

Spiritomb Best Halloween Pokémon

Spiritomb is a dark / ghost type Pokémon from Generation IV that does not have a physical body but  manifests itself onto a piece of rock. Here it has positioned itself in a fairy garden waiting to  viciously lash out or use its thoughts to create curses.


Pokédex 094

Gengar Halloween

A Generation I poison / ghost type Pokémon, Gengar races full-tilt, teeth bared in a spooky grin. It is said that if shadows move on their own and laugh when there is a full moon, it must be Gengar’s doing.


Pokédex 093

Haunter Halloween

Very aptly named for Halloween, Haunter is a Generation I poison / ghost type Pokémon that evolves to Gengar. Here it has hidden itself in reeds by the side of a lake waiting for an unsuspecting passer-by. Haunter’s tongue is made of gas. If licked, its victim starts shaking constantly until death eventually comes.


Pokédex 429

Mismagius Best Halloween Pokémon

Mismagius is a Generation IV dark / ghost type Pokémon that has found a superb Halloween-themed location that places it securely on our best Halloween Pokémon list. Looking like a witch, Mismagius is feared for its wrath and the curses it spreads. However, this Pokémon will also, on a whim, cast spells that help people. 


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