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Brandon Pokémon Trainer Facts

Brandon is a Pokémon Trainer that appeared in the game Pokémon Emerald that released in Japan on 16th September 2004.

Brandon is designated Pyramid King because he is the Frontier Brain of the Battle Pyramid. The player must defeat him to conquer the Battle Pyramid and be awarded the Brave symbol. He is depicted wearing green cut off trousers and a green jacket, white striped socks and black shoes. He has a grey buckled pouch attached to the black belt he wears around his waist. 



Brandon Pokémon Trainer Facts
Brandon Games Appearances
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Brandon Pokémon Trainer Cards


Blue Pokémon Trainer Facts

Brandon Pokémon Trainer and Pyramid King

English Name – Brandon
Japanese Name – Jindai
First Appearance – 2004 (Pokémon Emerald)
Generations – III
Trainer Class – Trainer, Pyramid King
Preferred Pokémon Type – None
Hometown – Unknown
Region – Hoenn / Kanto
Known Family – None
Age – Adult
Gender – Male
Hair Colour – Brown
Eye colour – Black


Brandon Games Appearances

Pokémon Emerald 2004


Brandon’s Pokémon Team

Brandon uses a variety of different Pokémon types. His teams are listed below:


Pokémon Emerald

Silver Symbol – Battle Pyramid

Regirock PokémonRegirock

Registeel PokémonRegisteel

Regice PokémonRegice


Gold Symbol – Battle Pyramid

Articuno PokémonArticuno

Zapdos PokémonZapdos

Moltres PokémonMoltres


Brandon Pokémon Trainer Cards List

SWSH Silver Tempest 2022
151/195 BrandonBrandon
Type – Supporter
Card Number – 151/195

188/195 BrandonBrandon
Type – Supporter
Card Number -188/195

203/195 BrandonBrandon
Type – Supporter
Card Number -203/195


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151/195 Brandon
188/195 Brandon
203/195 Brandon
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