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Charcadet Pokédex Information

Charcadet first appeared in the games Pokémon Scarlet and Violet which released in November 2002. 

Charcadet is a two-legged humanoid Pokémon that is based on Charcoal. It is predominantly black but the end of its legs and arms are red. There are orange and red markings on its head and red and orange flame like appendages around its neck. Burnt charcoal came to life and became a Pokémon. Possessing a fiery fighting spirit, Charcadet will battle even tough opponents.



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Charcadet Pokédex Facts

Charcadet Pokédex 
English Name – Charcadet
Japanese Name – Carbou
First Appearance – 2022 (Pokémon Scarlet and Violet)
Generation – IX
Pokédex Number – 0935
Based on – Charcoal
Category – Fire Child
Height – 0.6 m
Weight – 10.5 kg
Gender – Male, Female
Type – Fire
Weakness – Ground, Rock, Water
Special Ability – Flash Fire


Charcadet Evolutions

EvolutionCharcadet evolves to Armarouge (with Auspicious Armour); or Ceruledge (with Malicious Armour)

Charcadet PokédexCharcadet Auspicious ArmourEvolution ArrowMalicious Armour Armarouge EvolutionArmarouge
Ceruledge EvolutionCeruledge


Charcadet Pokédex Entries / Games

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet  2022


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