Combined Powers Premium Collection Release date & Info


What is the Combined Powers Premium Collection?

The Combined Powers Premium Collection is a new collection box that is scheduled for release on 23rd February 2024. This box includes the new cards from the TCG Classic Set which released in November 2023 with a price tag of £400 / $400. It also includes promo cards featuring Lugia ex, Suicune ex and Ho-Oh ex. The box has a recommended retail price of £59.99 in the UK and $59.99 in the US. It should be noted that the cards from the Classic Collection will not be tournament legal, so this box is primarily aimed at collectors rather than players of the TCG.


Pokémon Combined Powers Premium Collection

The released image of the box shows a rectangular format. The box dimensions have not been released but given that a Pokémon card is 6.3 cm wide we can assume the box is around 25cm by 18cm (10in by 7 in). 

The artwork for the box features a cut out window, outlined in black showing the promo cards. Lugia, Suicune and Ho-Oh are featured at the bottom of the box set against a striped background.


What are the contents of the Combined Powers Premium Collection?

The contents of the box have been revealed:

1 oversized card featuring Lugia ex
1 card featuring Lugia ex 
1 card featuring Suicune ex 
1 card featuring Ho-Oh ex 
1 card featuring Mr Mime
3 Holo Tool cards
11 Pokémon TCG booster packs

Combined Powers Promo Cards


Is the Combined Powers Premium Collection good value for money?

The box contains one oversized card, 3 regular sized ex cards, 4 holo cards and 11 booster packs.

Oversized cards and half art ex cards generally sell for around £4 / $4,  while holo cards usually be found online for around £1.50 / $1.50. Individual booster packs generally retail for around £4 in the UK and $4 in the US. 

The 11 Booster packs would therefore cost £44 ($44) adding the expected value of the four cards takes the total to around £64.50 or $64.50 which is higher than the recommended retail price in both the UK the US. The box is therefore reasonable value for money.



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