Dark Sylveon V Collection Box


What is the Dark Sylveon V Collection Box?

The Dark Sylveon V Collection Box is one of a number of products released to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Pokémon. It was released on 8th October 2021, the launch date for the Celebrations special expansion set.  


Dark Sylveon V Collection Box

The artwork for the majority of Celebrations products is white covered with grey cartoon drawings of Pokémon. Although the Dark Sylveon V Collection box has a flash inset with the standard colouring, the rest of the box is coloured deep pink  with a black strip around the bottom.

Sylveon is featured in the bottom right corner while the 25th Anniversary logo is featured on the top right corner. 

The box is the same size as previous Sword and Shield V boxes and measures 30 x 23 x 4 cm (12 x 9 x 1.6 inches). The box sold out on presale with a price ticket of around £20 ($28).


Dark Sylveon V

Dark Pokémon were first introduced with the Team Rocket expansion. Dark Pokémon have an evil look, which, it is rumoured stems from being trained by Team Rocket. 

Dark Pokémon returned with the Neo Destiny expansion and the Team Rocket Returns set. 

Dark Sylveon V is a compilation of Dark Sylveon and Sylveon V. Sylveon is a popular Pokémon character that evolves from Eevee.


What’s in the Box?

Inside the Celebrations Dark Sylveon V Collection box there is:

1 x jumbo-sized Dark Sylveon V card
1 x regular sized Dark Sylveon V card
An information leaflet about Dark Sylveon V
4 x Celebrations booster packs (each containing 4 Celebrations cards)
2 x regular booster packs – 1 Darkness Ablaze and 1 Battle Styles. 

Dark Sylveon V


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