Pokémon Celebrations Card List – What we know so far


Pokémon Celebrations Card List

The Pokémon 25th Anniversary expansion set Celebrations, is scheduled for launch on 8th October 2021. Booster packs will not be sold separately but will be available in a range of Celebrations Products. The featured cards in these products will not form part of the set but will be Sword and Shield Black Star Promo Cards.

Pokémon have revealed that the Celebrations set will contain 45+ cards including: 2 VMAX and 4 V cards. In addition there will be a subset of 25 cards which will be remakes of classic favourites like Base Set Charizard. It is also known that there will be a number of Pikachu Cards in Celebrations.

PLEASE NOTE: The Celebrations card list below is based on what is known so far. It is not a definitive list and is subject to change at any point prior to the official card list being released in October.

Celebrations Card List


Base Set Charizard
Umbreon (Gold Star)
Tapu Lele-GX
Pikachu V (Base set remake)
Flying Pikachu VMAX
Flying Pikachu V
Surfing Pikachu VMAX
Surfing Pikachu V
Professor Burnett
Professor Oak