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Grafaiai Pokédex Information

Grafaiai first appeared in the games Pokémon Scarlet and Violet which released in November 2002. 

Grafaiai is a two-legged character that is thought to be based on the Madagascan lemur called Aye Aye. Its upper body is black, while its lower body is dark blue. It has white markings on its arms and tail, and its feet are also white. It has a white face that is dominated by its two large green eyes. It has very big black ears that extend each side of its head while a white frill of fur runs from ear to ear across the top of its head. The color of the poisonous saliva depends on what the Pokémon eats. Grafaiai covers its fingers in its saliva and draws patterns on trees in forests.



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Grafaiai Pokédex Facts

Grafaiai Evolution 
English Name – Grafaiai
Japanese Name – Taginguru
First Appearance – 2022 (Pokémon Scarlet and Violet)
Generation – IX
Pokédex Number – 0945
Based on – Lemur
Category – Toxic Monkey
Height – 0.7 m
Weight – 27.2 kg
Gender – Male, Female
Primary Type – Poison
Secondary Type – Normal
Weakness – Ground, Psychic
Special Ability – Poison Touch, Unburden


Grafaiai Evolutions

EvolutionShroodle evolves to Grafaiai (Level 28)

Shroodle PokédexShroodle Evolution ArrowLevel 28 Grafaiai EvolutionGrafaiai


Grafaiai Pokédex Entries / Games

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet  2022


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