Lost Origin Chase Cards – Top 5


Lost Origin Chase Cards

The Pokémon Lost Origin expansion set contains a total of 247 cards including 21 Secret Rare cards and a Trainer Gallery of 30 cards.

This article takes a look at the cards most likely to be the Lost Origin Chase Cards.

What are Chase Cards?

Chase cards are rare cards that have a 1/100 or less chance of being inside a booster pack. They are often one of the ultra rare or secret rare cards from an expansion set. If there is a full art Charizard in a set it is highly likely to be a Chase card but in sets without a Charizard card it is more a case of the cards that hold the most appeal due to their artwork, their rarity or their value.


Our Top Lost Origin Chase Cards


Top of the list is the alternate art Giratina V numbered 186/196. The card depicts the set mascot, Giratina set against an intricately patterned, multicoloured backdrop. It is currently selling (9th September) for around £175 on Ebay UK and $200 on Ebay.com.

186/196 Giratina V Alternate Art


Second place on our Pokémon Lost Origin Chase Cards list goes to Trainer Gallery Pikachu VMAX TG17/TG30. Pikachu is a fan favourite Pokémon and it is no surprise to see it as a chase card. On the morning of set release it is available on Ebay UK for around £90 and on Ebay.com for $85.

Pikachu VMAX TG17/TG30



Third on our list is the Secret Gold Giratina VSATAR 212/196. This card depicts a close-up image of Giratina set above a lower section containing a stylised Poké ball. The card is currently selling on Ebay UK for around £80 and on Ebay.com for around $75. 

Giratina VSTAR Gold Secret Rare



Our fourth spot goes to another Trainer Gallery Card, this time featuring the ever popular Mew in VMAX form TG30/TG30. Mew is outlined in pink and coloured gold and black against a black background. Early morning of release day this card is selling on Ebay UK for £75 and Ebay.com for $70.

Mew VMAX TG30/TG30



Fifth place in our Pokémon Go Chase Cards list goes Aerodactyl V 180/196. This ultra rare card depicts Aerodactyl in full flight soaring over a river flanked by green fields with a smoking volcano in the background. On the morning of set release it is selling on Ebay UK for £70 and Ebay.com for $100.

Aerodactyl V 186/196



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