Morpeko V-Union Special Collection Box


What is the Morpeko V-Union Special Collection Box?

Morpeko V-Union Special Collection Box

The Morpeko V-Union Special Collection Box is the fifth V-Union box to be released.

It was announced in January 2022 and released on 8th April 2022.

The V-Union mechanic was introduced to the trading card game in the Autumn of 2021. It sees four regular sized Pokémon cards combining together to form a Jumbo-sized V-Union card. 

V-Union cards have high HP (Hit Points) and special powers that can inflict high damage to your opponent. However, they can only be used once during a game so the player needs to choose carefully when to play their card. 

To date, January 2022, V-Union cards have not been found in regular booster packs. They have only been released in special collection boxes. It seems likely that this will continue to be the case. 

The dimensions of the box have not been released but we would expect the box to measure the same as those previously released 39 cm x 23 cm x 4 cm (15.3 in x 9 in x 1.6 in). The artwork of the box features Morpeko in the bottom left corner in front of a red and blue vortex that mimics the V-Union card graphic.  The box is expected to retail for around £30 in the UK ($29.99 in the US).


What is in the Morpeko V-Union Special Collection Box?

Morpeko V-Union Card


The Morpeko V-Union Contents have been revealed:

4 regular sized black star promo cards that combine to make Morpeko V-Union – SWSH215, SWSH216, SWSH217, SWSH218

1 Jumbo sized Morpeko V-Union black star promo card 

1 Professor Burnet Trainer card 

1 Code card for the online game

4 booster packs  – 2 x Fusion Strike, 2 x Brilliant Stars






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