Paldea Adventures Chest Release Date, Info, Images


What is the Paldea Adventures Chest?

The Paldea Adventures Chest is a new product that appears to be based on the popular Japanese Pokémon gift boxes. The box features Pikachu, Pawmi, Sprigatito and Maushold.

It takes the form of a box, that from the outside looks like a shoe box. The background artwork for the box is a series of diagonal green and cream stripes. Pikachu, Pawmi and Sprigatito feature on three of the sides while the fourth side features an orange poké ball. The lid of the box is orange with a darker orange poké ball. The corners of the box are  dark green and there are two dark green bands around the whole box making it resemble an ancient packing trunk.

Paldea Adventures Chest


What is the Paldea Adventures Chest Release Date?

The Paldea Adventures Chest release date has been set for 1st March 2024. This would indicate that it may be intended as an Easter gift box. The box dimensions have not been released but it appears to be about the size of a standard shoe box.

It has a recommended retail price of £49.99 / $49.99.


What is in the Paldea Adventures Chest?

The contents of the Collector Chest have been revealed:

Paldea Adventures Chest Release date

7 foil promo cards:
SVP088 Pikachu, SVP087 Sprigatito ex
Foil reprints of 074/193 Pawmi, 075/193 Pawmo, 073/197 Pawmot ex, 167/193 Tandemaus, and 155/182 Maushold ex
1 sheet of tech stickers
1 mini portfolio
1 squishy toy Pikachu
6 Scarlet and Violet booster packs
A code card for Pokemon TCG Live

Is the Paldea Adventures Chest value for money?

The box contains one full art Pikachu Black Star Promo Card, one half art ex Promo Card, 2 ex cards that are reprints from earlier sets and 3 holo card reprints from regular cards. It also contains 6 booster packs from the Scarlet and Violet series, one squishy Pikachu toy, a set of stickers, and a mini portfolio.

The most sought after, and valuable product in the set is likely to be the Pikachu Promo Card which is only available in this set. It is likely to be worth at least £10 / $10. The Sprigatito ex card is likely to be worth around £5 / $5 while the other ex cards around £2.50 / $2.50. Although the regular cards are reprints of earlier cards they are listed as being holo foil versions and should fetch £2 / $2.

Booster packs are generally available for £4 / $4, the binder and the toy around £5 / $5 each. The sticker sheet may be worth £1 / $1.

The potential value of the 7 cards is therefore £27.50 / $27.50, the booster packs £24 / $24, the binder and toy £10 / $10 and the sticker sheet £1 / $1. This gives a combined possible value of £62 / $62 without factoring in any value to the box. This set is therefore reasonable value for money.



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