Pikachu Cards in Celebrations – Possible Chase cards?


This article details the Pikachu Cards in Celebrations, which was released on 8th October 2021 as a special expansion set to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the release of the first Pokémon games.  The set contained 45 cards plus a subset of 25 cards. All cards featured the 25th anniversary logo – Pikachu red-cheeks head and ears with the numbers 2 and 5 taking the cheek position. 


25th Anniversary

Information about the cards this special set was drip-fed following an initial announcement in June 2021 and it was been clear from the outset that there would be a number of Pikachu cards in Celebrations.

In July 2021 Celebrations product images were released which showed details of the promo cards that will be in each product. Images of Pikachu cards for the Japanese version began to appear online giving an indication of could be expected in October.


Pikachu Cards in Celebrations

The following Pikachu Cards appeared in Celebrations, however they are Promo Cards rather than cards from the main deck:

Pikachu Figure Collection Promo Cards

Pokémon Celebrations Premium Figure Collection – Pikachu V and VMAX

Two Pikachu Promo cards were included with this collection set.

Pikachu V SWSH143 is a half art card. 

Pikachu VMAX SWSH062 is a full art card.


Pikachu V Union Card

Pokemon Celebrations Special Collection – Pikachu V-UNION

The artwork for the Pikachu V-Union card features a montage of Pikachu characters set against a landscape backdrop.

There is a Jumbo V-Union card and also four regular sized cards which fit together to make the V-Union Card. The card numbers for the four cards are: SWSH139, SWSH140, SWSH141 and SWSH142


Remakes of Old Favourite Pikachu Cards

When the Celebrations set was announced, Pokémon stated that there would be updated versions of some classic old favourite cards. Listed below are the Pikachu Cards in Celebrations. The original card is shown on the left and the updated version(s) from the Japanese set is on the right. It is assumed that the artwork for the English set will be the same.


Base Set Pikachu

The Pikachu card from the original Pokémon base set was released in 1999 by Wizards of the Coast and bears the number 58/102. It was then updated and released as card number 112/111 in the Platinum Rising Rivals set.

The Celebrations updated version shows the artwork extended to a full art holographic card. It bears the number 001/028 and forms part of the special 25 card subset of the Celebrations release.

Pikachu Cards in Celebrations


Flying Pikachu

Flying Pikachu first appeared as a Wizards of the Coast Promo Card in 2001 with the number #25. It was then updated and re-released as card number 113/111 for the Platinum Rising Rivals set. It was later revamped and included in the XY Evolutions expansion set as a secret rare card with the number 110/108. It is a very popular card and it is no surprise that the Celebrations set features a Flying Pikachu V and a Flying Pikachu VMAX. 

Flying Pikachu in Celebrations


Surfing Pikachu

Surfing Pikachu is another fan-favourite card that also first appeared as a Wizards of the Coast Promo Card in 2001 #28 and then re-released as card number 114/111 in Platinum Rising Rivals expansion set. It later re-appeared in Evolutions as a secret rare card with the number 111/108. Like Flying Pikachu, the Celebrations set has both V and VMAX remakes of this card.

Surfing Pikachu in Celebrations


Birthday Pikachu

Birthday Pikachu was first released in 2001 as a Wizards of the Coast Promo Card #24.  It features space for the owner/user of the card to write his/her name and birthdate and remains a very popular card. It was included in Celebrations as part of the Classic Collection. 

Birthday Pikachu

Chase Cards?

The term chase cards refers to the most sought-after cards in any expansion set. Looking at the artwork for the the Pikachu Cards in Celebrations suggests all of these cards are going to be highly sought after. However, we would imagine that it will be the remake of Base Set Pikachu, Flying Pikachu and Surfing Pikachu that will be chase cards from this set.  



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