Pokémon 25th Anniversary Set – Celebrations

Celebrations Release Date

Pokémon have now announced more details about the special 25th Anniversary expansion set. This highly anticipated set will launch on 8th October 2021. It will be called Celebrations and will comprise 45 cards plus Secret Rares.


Celebrations Pokémon 25th Anniversary set

This set will contain 2 VMAX and 4 V characters. Taking centre stage will be Legendary, Mythical and other fan-favourite Pokémon. Ho-Oh, Mew, Flying Pikachu, Surfing Pikachu and Zamazenta will feature as well as Professor Oak.

In addition to the main set there will be an additional set of 25 cards. This additional set will feature ‘close remakes’ of all-time favourites including Base Set Charizard and Base Set Pikachu. Also confirmed to appear in this set are Umbreon and Tapu Lele GX. See Celebrations Card List for more details.

Booster packs will not be sold separately but will be included with most products. However, the packs will be smaller and will only contain 4 cards. These cards will all be holo and will include the 25th Anniversary logo. It is likely that the reduced pack size has been done to maintain the average booster pack price since all cards will be holo cards.

Pokémon Celebrations Logo

Confirmed Products:

Collection Boxes

Dragapult Prime – 1 Promo card, 1 Jumbo promo card, 2 Celebrations booster packs + 1 regular booster pack + accessorie

Lance’s Charizard V and Dark Sylveon V – 1 Promo card for the box’s character, 1 Jumbo card + 4 celebrations booster packs + 2 regular booster packs

Celebrations Pin Collection – 1 Promo card Zacian LV.X, 1 Pikachu enamel pin, 4 celebrations packs, 2 regular booster packs

Celebrations Special Collection Box Pikachu V-Union – 4 promo cards which make up Pikachu V union, 1 Jumbo card, 4 Celebrations booster packs + 2 additional boosters

Celebrations Ultra Premium Collection – 2 metal cards of Base Set Pikachu and Base Set Charizard, 1 gold Pikachu V, 1 gold Poké Ball, Charizard and Pikachu enamel pin, 17 Celebrations booster packs + 8 regular booster packs + accessories

Elite Trainer Box – Greninja promo card + 10 Celebrations booster packs + 5 regular boosters + accessories


Mini Tins – 8 designs to represent starter Pokémon for each generation. 2 Celebrations booster packs + 1 regular booster pack

Celebrations Collector Chest3 promo cards Mimikyu, Light Toxtricity, Hydreigon C + 6 Celebrations booster packs + 2 regular booster pack + additional accessories
Giant figure collection (9 different)



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