Top 10 Pokémon 151 Chase Cards

Scarlet and Violet 151

Whenever a new Pokémon expansion set is announced there is speculation about which cards will be the most sought after. Particularly so when a set features unique types, artwork or mechanics. This article offers an idea of what might become the top 10 Pokémon 151 Chase Cards.

Pokémon 151 is the first special expansion set of the Scarlet and Violet Series. This is so named because it includes cards featuring all of the original 151 Generation I Pokémon. This set is highly collectible and all cards are likely to be in demand. 

The much-loved original 151 Pokémon characters are given abilities resonant with the modern game. This means that they are also in demand by players of the Trading Card Game.


What are Chase Cards?

Chase cards are generally thought of as rare cards that have a 1/100 or less chance of being inside a booster pack. Previously, they have generally been one of the ultra rare or secret rare cards from an expansion set. However, the rarity specification for cards changed for the Scarlet and Violet series and chase cards are now highly likely to be those that are Illustration Rare, Ultra Rare, Special Illustration Rare and Hyper Rare cards. Where a set features the popular Pokémon Charizard, these cards tend to feature in the top 10 most desired cards.


Our Top 10 Pokémon 151 Chase Cards


10. Mew ex 193/165

193/165 Mew ex

Kicking off our list at number 10 slot is Ultra Rare Mew ex. The card sees Mew outlined in green against a deep pink background with a pale pink galaxy type swirl. Today, 23rd September, the card can be purchased on Ebay UK for around £25 and on for $25.


9. Mew ex 205/165

205/165 Mew ex

Another Mew ex for our number 9 spot. This Gold Hyper Rare card is identical to the Ultra Rare Mew but sees Mew outlined in yellow against a golden galaxy background. This card is selling for around £25 on Ebay UK for around $25 and on the day after set release.


8. Alakazam ex 201/165

201/165 Alakazam ex

Psychic Pokémon Alakazam takes position 8 in our list. Depicted in a busy kitchen setting, Alakazam appears to be working magic with two kitchen spoons. This could be a reference to magician Uri Geller who recently lifted his injunction on the Pokémon Company preventing Kadabra cards from being released. On the day after release this card is available for purchase on Ebay UK for around £27 and for around $30.


7. Charizard ex – 183/165

183/165 Charizard ex

The first of 2 Charizard cards takes 7th place in our list. This Ultra Rare card depicts a regular form Charizard in close-up against a fiery red background. The card has a huge 330 HP and has the Explosive Vortex attack which deals a massive 330 damage likely to take out most other cards. On the day following set release it is selling for around £28 on Ebay UK and $30 on


6. Erika’s Invitation 196/165

196/165 Erika's Invitation

Popular Pokémon Trainer, Erika features on this Ultra Rare card. Erika’s Invitation shows the Trainer wearing a kimono or kimono-style dress of Yellow and red. She is standing against a lilac coloured background of trees in blossom. It can be purchased today (23rd September 2023) for around £30 on Ebay UK and on for $35.


5. Zapdos ex 202/165

202/165 Zapdos ex

Zapdos ex Special Illustration Rare takes position 5 in our top 10 Pokémon 151 Chase Cards list. This popular legendary bird is depicted flying high above the clouds in the foreground with Moltres and Articuno in the background. Today, 23rd September 2023, it can be purchased on Ebay UK for around £36 and on for around $40.


4. Venusaur ex 198/165

198/165 Venusaur ex

Special Illustration Rare Venusaur ex takes spot 4 in our top 10 Pokémon 151 Chase Cards. This popular Pokémon character is depicted surrounded by trees, leaves and flowers. The card has a massive 340 HP and a move that packs a 150 attack damage which will make it popular with players of the TCG. The day after set release, this card is on sale for around £40 on Ebay UK and for around $35.


3. Blastoise ex 200/165

200/165 Blastoise ex

Third spot goes to Blastoise ex 200/165. This popular Water type Pokémon is depicted in an underwater setting. The card has a HP of 330 and an attack that deals 140 damage for each card (max 2) discarded. On the day following release this card is available for purchase on Ebay UK for around £50 and for around $55.


2. Erika’s Invitation – 203/165

203/165 Erika's Invitation

Erika’s Invitation Special Illustration Rare 203/165 is our second place Pokemon 151 Chase Card. This card depicts Erika in a brightly lit room surrounded by different coloured bottles on shelves and display cabinets. The card can be purchased today, 23rd September 2023 on Ebay UK for around £50 and for around $60.


1. Charizard ex – 199/165

199/165 Charizard ex

Top spot in our Top 10 Pokémon 151 Chase cards goes to Charizard ex 199/165, a special Illustration Rare card. The card sees Charizard soaring high above a landscape of misty plateaux with an active volcano spewing rivulets of molten lava. The day following set release it is selling on Ebay UK for around £80 and for around $95.



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