Top 10 Crown Zenith Chase Cards

Crown Zenith Chase Cards

The Pokémon Crown Zenith expansion set is the final set of the Sword and Shield Series. It is a special set with no Booster Boxes. Cards are only available in Elite Trainer Boxes or in Special Collection Sets. The Crown Zenith set comprises a main set of 160 cards and a Galarian Gallery of 70 cards featuring stunning artwork.

This article takes a look at the cards most likely to be the Pokémon Crown Zenith Chase Cards. All but one of the ten cards are from the Galarian Gallery special art cards.


What are Chase Cards?

Chase cards are rare cards that have a 1/100 or less chance of being inside a booster pack. They are often one of the ultra rare or secret rare cards from an expansion set. If there is a full art Charizard in a set it is highly likely to be a Chase card but in sets without a Charizard card it is more a case of the cards that hold the most appeal due to their artwork, their rarity or their value. There are three Charizard cards in this set, but they feature in the main set rather than the Galarian Gallery. Read below to see if Charizard has made it into our top 10 Crown Zenith Chase Cards.


Our Top 10 Crown Zenith Chase Cards


10. Hisuian Zoroark VSTAR – GG56/GG70

GG56/GG70 Zoroark VSTAR

Occupying our number 10 spot is the Hisuian Zoroark VSTAR card. Zoroark is a popular and powerful character and is depicted amongst a tangle of roots and vines. One day before release it is selling for around £26 on Ebay UK and $30 on


9. Glaceon VSTAR GG40/GG70

GG40/GG70 Glaceon VSTAR

Glaceon is a popular evolution of Eevee and this VSTAR card takes ninth place on our Top 10 Crown Zenith Chase Cards. Glaceon is featured in a frozen, snowy landscape that is bathed in golden light. It can be purchased today (19th January 2023) for around £40 on Ebay UK and on for $50.


8. Cynthia’s Ambition GG60/GG70 

GG60/GG70 Cynthia's Ambition

Cynthia is a popular Trainer and Cynthia’s Ambition will be a popular card with collectors and players alike. The artwork depicts Cynthia descending a path that that is surrounded by pillars, boulders and cactii. Occupying eighth spot, this card is currently available, one day before release, on Ebay UK for around £43 and on for around $45. 


7. Origin Forme Palkia GG67/GG70

GG67/GG70 Origin Forme Palkia

This card is the first of four gold cards to make our Top 10 Crown Zenith Chase Cards. Origin Forme Palkia, flying high above a landscape bathed in golden sunlight, takes our number 7 spot. One day pre-release this card is available for purchase on Ebay UK for around £100 and for around $120.


6. Suicune V GG38/GG70

GG38/GG70 Suicune V

Suicune is one of the three Legendary Dogs and a popular Pokémon. Depicted in a Wintery frozen landscape, Suicune V takes position six on our list. The day before set release, this card is currently on sale for around £100 on Ebay UK and for around $110.


5. Origin Forme Dialga VSTAR GG68/GG70

GG68/GG70 Origin Forme Dialga

Origin Forme Dialga GG68/GG70 is a gold card that features Dialga flying above the clouds which are bathed in golden sunlight. This popular character takes fifth place in our Top 10 Crown Zenith Chase cards. Today, 19th January 2023, it can be purchased on Ebay UK for £120 and on for $145.


4. Arceus VSTAR GG70/GG70

GG70/GG70 Arceus VSTAR

Fourth spot goes to Arceus VSTAR GG70/GG70 the final card of the Galarian Gallery.  It is a gold card and depicts Arceus soaring across the sky against a backdrop of an erupting volcano. The day before release this card is available for purchase on Ebay UK for around £130 and for around $140.


3. Pikachu – 160/159

160/159 Pikachu

This full art Pikachu card is the only card that is not from the Galarian Gallery to make it into our list. Occupying second place, the artwork on this card depicts Pikachu charging towards the viewer at the head of a mass of Pokémon characters. It can be purchased today, 19th January 2023 on Ebay UK for around £130 and for around $150.


2. Mewtwo VSTAR GG44/GG70

GG44/GG70 Mewtwo VSTAR

This card was revealed several weeks before set release and was earmarked as a Chase Card as soon as we set eyes on it. The stunning artwork and glorious array of colours on this Mewtwo VSTAR card makes it fully deserving of third place in our top 10 Crown Zenith Chase Cards. This card is selling for £145 on Ebay UK for around $170 and the day before set release.


1. Giratina VSTAR – GG69/GG70 

GG69/GG70 Giratina VSTAR

Giratina VSTAR from the Galarian Gallery takes the top spot on our Top 10 Crown Zenith Chase Cards. This gold card depicts Giratina in a gold and black landscape that suggests a path through dense woodland. One day before set release it is selling on Ebay UK for around £230 and for around $250.



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