Pokémon Go Pin Collections


What are the Pokémon Go Pin Collections?

The Pokémon Go Pin Collections are a set of three special collection boxes featuring either Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle. 


Pokémon Go Pin Collections

The special collection set released on 5th August 2022, a month after the release of the Pokémon Go TCG Expansion set. 

The box dimensions have not yet been released but going by past pin collection sets they are likely going to  be smaller than regular collection boxes, measuring around 17.9 cm (7 inches) by 19.7 (7.75 inches). 

The artwork for the boxes reflects the outdoor nature of the Pokémon game and features grassy meadows, trees and cloudy skies. A cut out section reveals a Promo Card of the featured character and the enclosed Booster Packs.


What is in the Pokémon Go Pin Collections?

The contents of the boxes has been released:

Each box contains:

A black star promo card depicting the featured character – Bulbasaur SWSH231, Charmander SWSH232 or Squirtle SWSH233 
A code card for the online TCG
Three Pokémon Go booster packs
A pin badge of the featured character for that box

Pokémon Go Pin Collections



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