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Poltchageist Pokédex Information

Poltchageist is a Grass / Ghost type Pokémon that first appeared in the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet expansion which released in February 2023. It evolves to Sinistcha.

Poltchageist is created from green matcha tea and inhabits a white and black tea caddy. The front of the caddy has markings that resemble two eyes and a mouth. Some of the green tea has leaked from the caddy and forms its hands, one of which is holding a long tea scoop.

There are two forms of Poltchageist – Artisan form which has a stamp of authenticity on the bottom of the caddy, and Counterfeit form which does not have that stamp.



Poltchageist Pokédex Facts
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Poltchageist Facts

Poltchageist Pokédex 
English Name – Poltchageist
Japanese Name – Chadesu
First Appearance – 2022 (Pokémon Scarlet and Violet)
Generation – IX
Pokédex Number – 1012
Based on – Matcha Tea / Tea Caddy
Category – Matcha
Height – 0.1 m
Weight – 1.1 kg
Gender – Unknown
Primary Type – Grass
Secondary Type – Ghost
Weakness – Dark, Fire, Flying, Ghost, Ice, 
Special Abilities – Heatproof, Hospitality


Poltchageist Evolutions

EvolutionPoltchageist Artisan Form evolves to Sinistcha Masterpiece Form (with Masterpiece Teacup); Poltchageist Counterfeit Form evolves to Sinistcha Unremarkable Form (with Unremarkable Teacup)

Poltchageist Artisan FormPoltchageist Artisan Form Evolution Arrow Sinistcha Masterpiece FormSinistcha Masterpiece Form
Poltchageist Counterfeit FormPoltchageist Counterfeit Form Evolution Arrow Sinistcha Unremarkable FormSinistcha Unremarkable Form


Poltchageist Pokédex Entries / Games

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet  2022


Poltchageist Card List – (scroll to bottom for gallery view)

SV Twilight Masquerade 2024
020/167 PoltchageistStage – Basic
HP – 30
Speciality – None
Card Number – 020/167


020/167 Poltchageist
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