What are Shiny Pokemon? Info & Images


Shiny Pokémon Explained

Shiny Pokémon were first introduced in the Generation II games Pokémon Gold and Silver which released in Japan in November 1999, in North America in 2000 and the rest of the World in 2001. Popularly known as Shinies, they have been included in the games of every following Generation, as well as Pokémon Go. 

It is possible for every species of Pokémon to have a Shiny variant but the availability of these Pokémon may vary from game to game. Additionally, although they have the same base stats, abilities and moves, Shinies cannot evolve from their regular counterparts.

Some Shiny Pokémon are only be available through specific events, promotions, or special encounters, while others can be found in the wild or obtained through breeding. This means that any player can encounter or breed a Shiny version of any Pokémon. Although the overall chances of encountering a Shiny is generally quite low, there are ways to increase the odds. Certain items, abilities, or in-game events can boost the likelihood of encountering Shiny Pokémon or improve the chances of hatching them from eggs. 

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How to Identify Shiny Pokémon?

There are a number of ways to identify these special Pokémon when playing the Pokémon games.

1. Colour Variation: The most obvious difference is the coloration of a Shiny Pokémon. They have a different colour scheme compared to their regular counterparts. This change can range from subtle variations to more distinct differences. The Shiny Eevee depicted below has grey fur with white highlights whereas the regular form Eevee has brown fur with cream highlights.

Shiny Pokémon Eevee


2. Sparkling Animation: When a Shiny Pokémon appears, it is often accompanied by a sparkling animation or a series of stars to signify its uniqueness. The Shiny Pikachu below, captured in Pokémon go game, is surrounded by shiny stars and circles.

Shiny Pikachu


3. Summary Screen: After capturing or defeating a Shiny Pokémon, its summary screen will indicate this status. Different games have different means of identification. The Shiny Quaquaval is from the games Pokémon Scarlet and Violet and is indicated by a white star with a smaller white star behind at the bottom left of the summary screen.

Shiny Quaquaval status


What are the Benefits of Shiny Pokémon?

Finding and capturing a Shiny Pokemon offers no benefit to gameplay since their base stats, abilities and moves are the same as their regular counterparts.

However, given the rarity of these special types of Pokémon there is a certain satisfaction in searching for, capturing and adding one to your Pokédex. After finishing a game, obtaining a Shiny Pokémon is often a player’s goal along with completing the Pokédex. 

Shiny Pokémon offer a way to personalize your Pokémon team. Their distinct appearance allows you to stand out from other trainers who may have the standard versions of those Pokémon. Their unique coloration makes it obvious to competitors in battle and can help to raise the prestige of the player as well as demonstrating a dedication to the game.



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