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Blanche Pokémon Trainer Facts

Blanche is a Pokémon Trainer that first appeared in the game Pokémon GO that released Worldwide in July 2016.

Blanche is a late teen / adult non-binary Pokémon Trainer, leader of Team Mystic and assistant to Professor Willow. They have long blonde hair and green eyes and are generally depicted wearing navy blue trousers and jumper and a cream waistcoat under a blue coat with cream trimmings. 



Blanche Pokémon Trainer Facts
Blanche Games Appearances
Pokémon Team
Blanche Pokémon Trainer Cards


Blanche Pokémon Trainer Facts

Blanche Pokémon Trainer

English Name – Blanche
Japanese Name – Blanche
First Appearance – 2016 (Pokémon GO)
Generations – VI, VII, VIII, IX
Trainer Class – Trainer, Leader Team Mystic
Preferred Pokémon Type – Water / Ice
Hometown – Unknown
Known Family – None
Age – Late teen / Adult
Gender – Non Binary
Hair Colour – Blonde
Eye colour – Green


Blanche Games Appearances

Pokémon GO


Blanche’s Pokémon Team

Blanche specialises in Water and Ice type Pokémon. Their teams are listed below:


Battle Training

Great League

Sneasel PokémonSneasel

Sealeo PokémonSealeo

Vaporeon PokémonVaporeon

Ultra League

Glaceon PokémonGlaceon Empoleon PokémonEmpoleon Mamoswine PokémonMamoswine

Master League

Suicune PokémonSuicune Metagross PokémonMetagross Articuno PokémonArticuno


Blanche Pokémon Trainer Cards List

Sword and Shield Promo Cards 2020 – 2023
SWSH227 BlancheBlanche
Type – Supporter
Card Number – SWSH227

SWSH Pokémon GO 2022
064/078 BlancheBlanche
Type – Supporter
Card Number – 064/078

082/078 BlancheBlanche
Type – Supporter
Card Number – 082/078


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SWSH227 Blanche
064/078 Blanche
082/078 Blanche
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