Evolving Skies SWSH07 info

Evolving Skies SWSH07

The seventh expansion set in the Sword and Shield series has been announced. It will be called Evolving Skies and is scheduled for release on 27th August 2021. 


The release comes just two months after the sixth expansion – Chilling Reign which was pushed back from the normal release schedule to June due to supply problems.

Beyond the logo and the release date there has been no further confirmed information about this set. However, as usual,  there is much speculation throughout the community. 


Two Japanese sets are scheduled to release in July – Sky Stream and Towering Perfection. Each set contains 67 cards and it is widely believed that these sets may form the base for Evolving Skies. If this were the case it would give the set 134 cards without secret rares.

The colours used for the new logo are very similar that of XY Roaring Skies which was released in May 2015. The inclusion of ‘Skies’ in the name of both has given further credence to the theory that Evolving Skies may be based on Roaring Skies or have some similarities to it.

Roaring Skies


The Roaring Skies set is centred around Rayquaza Rayquaza and the colours used for the logo reflect those of this legendary Pokémon.

Rayquaza could therefore play a central part in Evolving Skies in much the same way as Urshifu has dominated Battle Styles. If this is the case we can expect V and VMAX cards as well as ultra and secret rare Rayquaza cards.

There is also much speculation based around the use of the word ‘Evolving’ in the name of the new set. Some commentators are suggesting that the highly anticipated Eevee Heroes, which was earlier rumoured to be an August release, could form a part of this set. Alternatively that set could have been pushed back to form part of the Anniversary Set later this year.

As is always the case, Pokémon are highly unlikely to release further information about Evolving Skies until much nearer the August release date.

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