Pokemon Product News December 2022


This page details all announcements made by the Pokémon Company during December 2022 that concern Pokémon Trading Card Game products. Announcements are listed in reverse order from newest to oldest. (Source)

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Pokémon Product News December 2022


29th December 2022

Two announcements today:

Scarlet and Violet Holo Rare Cards will have a new look. A glossy sheen will replace the horizontal line pattern of Sword and Shield and will extend around the border of the card.

Sprigatito New Holo Design

Galarian Meowth 084/159, a Common Card, has been revealed from Crown Zenith.

084/159 Galarian Meowth

27th December 2022

Kyogre V 037/159 has been revealed from the Crown Zenith set.

037/159 Kyogre V

23rd December 2022

Cynthia’s Ambition GG60/GG70 is another Galarian Gallery card from the Crown Zenith set.

Cynthia's Ambition

22nd December 2022

Zeraora VMAX GG42/GG70 has been revealed as a Galarian Gallery card from the Crown Zenith expansion. 

GG42/GG70 Zeraora VMAX

21st December 2022

Six more Cards have been revealed from the Crown Zenith Set – 046/159 Rotom VSTAR, 051/159 Radiant charjabug, 120/159 Greedent V, GG17/GG70 Thievul, GG44/GG70 Mewtwo VSTAR, GG61/GG70 Gardenia’s Vigor

GG44/GG70 Mewtwo VSTAR

17th December 2022

Two new products announced:

Cyrus Premium Tournament Collection and Klara Premium Tournament Collection will release on 24th March 2023. No further details are yet known but it is likely that they will be very similar to the Marnie and Professor Juniper Tournament Collection Sets that released previously.

16th December 2022

Lapras GG05/GG70 from the Crown Zenith Galarian Gallery has been revealed. 

15th December 2022

3 News items today:

A Mimikyu ex Collection Box will release on 3rd March 2023.

Mimikyu ex Collection Box

Mimikyu ex Collection Box – description and details of contents

Also releasing on 3rd March 2023 are four World Championship Decks. Each deck includes a exact duplicate of the cards used by four players at the 2022 World Championships held in London.

World Championship Decks – description and details of contents

Leafeon VSTAR GG35/GG70 and Glaceon VSTAR GG40/GG70 have been revealed from the Crown Zenith Galarian Gallery.

Leafeon VSTAR Glaceon VSTAR

14th December 2022

GG56/GG70 Hisuian Zoroark VSTAR has been revealed from the Crown Zenith Galarian Gallery. 

Hisuian Zoroark VSTAR

13th December 2022

Two announcements:

Details of the six Paldea Collection Boxes have been released. The boxes will launch on 6th January 2023.

Paldea Collection Boxes – description and details of contents

Bibarel GG25/GG70 from the Crown Zenith Galarian Gallery has been revealed. 

GG25/GG70 Bibarel

12th December 2022

Three announcements today:

Ditto GG22/GG70 has been revealed as part of the Crown Zenith Galarian Gallery.

Pokémon TCG Rotation – From 14th April 2023, all cards stamped with the letter D, will no longer be legal for tournament play. This effectively eliminates all Sword and Shield Series cards from 2020. 

With the introduction of Scarlet and Violet in March 2023, Pokémon Trainer Tool Cards will no longer be Item Cards but will have their own Tool Category. This means that there will be four types of Trainer Cards – Supporter, Stadium, Item and Tool.

Rock Chestplate

9th December 2022

It has been announced that the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Base Set will release on 31st March 2023. The official announcement included details about the Generation IX Series including changes to the card borders, symbols and number of holo cards in each booster pack. 

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet SV01 – Everything we know so far

8th December 2022

Another card from the Crown Zenith Galarian Gallery has been revealed – Deoxys GG46/GG70. The image is the Japanese version.

Deoxys VSTAR Crown Zenith

7th December 2022

Generation IX sets – Scarlet ex and Violet ex will release in Japan on 20th January. Cards from this set will be included in the Scarlet and Violet Base set when it releases in 2023. 

Scarlet ex and Violet ex cards confirmed – Sprigatito, Fuecoco, Quaxly, Mareep, Flaaffy, Ampharos ex, Smoliv, Growlithe, Arcanine ex, Riolu, Lucario ex, Magnezone ex, Mimikyu ex, Pawmi, Miraidon ex, Koraidon ex, Nemona, Professor’s Research Turo, Professor’s Research Sado, Ultra Ball, Beach Court


6th December 2022

The first card from Crown Zenith has been revealed. Altaria GG19/GG70 is a full art card from the Galarian Gallery, a 70-card subset that will form part of the final set of the Sword and Shield Series.

GG19/GG70 Altaria




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